Ancient Teas to Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Did You Know Some Teas Can Help  Improve Your Sleep?

There are many natural teas and herbs you can sip before bed to help prepare your mind and body for a restful night's sleep. You can train your mind and body to calm down for the night, using your nightly rituals to do so. By creating an evening habit of drinking one of these soothing and sleep-inducing beverages, your body will begin to respond to it as a signal to start winding down and preparing the body to sleep. 

Try a few of these options to see which ones you like, and what works best for you!



Peppermint tea is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health, relax the mind and body, boost immune strength and soothe digestion.

To make your own:

  • Boil about 3 or 4 cups of water.

  • Add the peppermint leaves (7-8 leaves per cup of water) and shut the heat off.

  • Let the tea steep for about 5 minutes.

  • Pour through a tea strainer. Add honey to taste and pour.



A healing sleep remedy, this tea reduces inflammation, strengthens immune defense and brings a sense of calm over the nervous system.

To make your own:

  • Peel the ginger root and cut it into thin slices.

  • Bring water to a boil in a saucepan. Once it is boiling, add the ginger, turmeric, juiced lemon.

  • Cover and reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes, whisking occasionally.

  • Strain the tea. Add honey to taste.



The most important health benefits of lavender include its ability to relieve stress, improve mood, promote restful sleep.

To make your own:

  • Boil 8 oz. of water.

  • Place 4 tsp. of fresh lavender buds into a tea ball or sachet.

  • Place the tea ball and water into a teacup. Let steep for 10 minutes. 

  • Add honey and lemon if desired. Pour and enjoy!



Valerian root is commonly used as a sleep aid and acts as a mild sedative activated by phytochemicals that tell the brain it is time to prepare for sleep. 

To make your own:

  • Bring water to a boil in a saucepan.

  • Once it is boiling, add the Valerian root to the pan and cover well.

  • Allow to steep for about 15 minutes.

  • Uncover and strain. Add honey to taste.



Warm spiced milk before bed has long been an Ayurvedic remedy for insomnia, promoting deeper and more restorative sleep.

To make your own:

  • Combine 1 cup almond milk unsweetened, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, pinch of ground ginger and black pepper and 2 teaspoons maple syrup

  • Heat all ingredients in a small pan on the stove until warm.

  • Pour into a mug and enjoy



Chamomile naturally produces feelings of calm and relaxation, the perfect way to wind down from a long and hectic day.

To make your own:

  • Bring water to a boil in a sauce pan.

  • Turn off the heat, then add loose leaf chamomile and let steep for 3-5 minutes.

  • Strain the tea, discarding the chamomile.

  • Stir in milk, coconut oil, turmeric, ginger, pepper, cinnamon and honey to taste for added nutrients.

A relaxing herbal tea in the evening helps you shift down a few mental gears and wash away the chaos of a stressful day at work. Take the time to enjoy a steaming mug of your favorite tea, and breathe deeply as the natural aromas drift around you. I promise you won’t regret it.

This is a great time to journal or reflect on the things in life you’re grateful for, positive affirmations and your dreams or read a book.