Are you ready to show up as the most powerful version of YOU every day so you have more focus and energy to achieve your wildest dreams?

Discover what it means for your brain, your body and your business to truly thrive in this exclusive and personally-tailored 1:1 coaching program. Start putting your brain and body to work for you (rather than against you), allowing you to fully show up and run your business from an innate state of power. You’ll explore ancient techniques that have been proven by modern brain science to reduce stress and create ease of being, improve your sleep, maximize energy potential, sharpen focus, memory and clarity, as well as boost creativity and innovation… leading you to your “state of flow.”

It is from this place of clarity, inner strength and peace that you can see clearly see path forward to move towards your deepest, most heartfelt and craziest ambitions with purpose and motivation.

Let’s do this.

Accepting clients worldwide — WIFI connection required. All levels are welcome, no prior experience is necessary.

What My Clients Are Saying:

“Corene Summers is a wizard of wellbeing! Seriously. I love her. Not only is she brilliance, love, kindness and power, but she knows her stuff. Her meditations are poweful. Her diets are healthy, simple, yet effective. But more than anything she cares a ton about those she works with. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their life!” — Alex Terranova, Owner & Founder of DreamMason Coaching

“I have been working with Corene and Artisan Farmacy for months to heal my body and mind, and have seen such an incredible transformation both personally and professionally. Corene has so much knowledge, and shares it with empathy and compassion. I have benefited a great deal from her yoga and meditation practice, as well as resources for optimized sleep, stress-relief, gut healing and body aches. I don't often write reviews, but feel an obligation to share the love for Corene's ability to heal bodies naturally, as its possible for all of us to reach our full potential if we take good care of ourselves -- and her platform Artisan Farmacy can help you get started. “ — Kathleen Brown, Owner & Founder of Buddhi

“This integrated approach across diet, exercise and mindfulness is the ideal package for the busy executive. I cannot recommend enough! Corene’s expert knowledge combined with her supportive coaching techniques helped me develop new skills to improve my well-being, effectiveness and enhanced my ability to manage pressure in professional and personal life. Additionally, I sleep much better than I ever have previously - a much appreciated benefit!” — Howard Ebitson, Business Executive & Entrepreneur

► Release Stress and Clear Negative Energy & Blocks Holding You Back

► Enhance Your Focus, Creativity and Brain Power

► Boost Your Energy Levels and Gain More Time in Your Day

► Create Clarity Around Your Passions, Goals and Intentions

► Determine Your True Priorities and Meaningful Action for Your Goals

► Raise Your Consciousness and Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

► Feed Your Brain and Body to Optimize Energy and Performance

► Learn How to Relax Deeply and Achieve Consistent Quality Sleep

► Discover Greater Ease of Being and a Feeling of Being Home in Your Own Body

► Find Your ‘State of Flow’!

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Top Benefits of HOLISTIC WELLNESS coaching:



Nourish your mind and body from the inside-out



Reach higher levels of awareness and inner calm



A yoga-based fitness plan to build strength and flexibility