Corporate Wellness

Benefits of meditation and mindfulness activities:

  • Sharpen focus, concentration and memory

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout

  • Positively impact EQ and communication

  • Improve productivity, creativity and innovation

  • Build inner strength, confidence and resilience

  • Boost overall mood and positive thinking skills

  • Calm and relax the mind and body

  • Increase consciousness and clarity

  • Slow the aging process

  • Improve immune function and overall health

  • Decrease insomnia and improve quality of sleep

  • Deeply experience life in the present moment

  • Improve the quality of everyday life


Your mind is the most powerful tool you have.

Empower your leaders and innovators to reach peak levels of awareness and learn to lead from a place that is not reactive to what is happening, but responsive and proactive based on being grounded, centered and conscious. Achieve greater clarity, energy, focus, creativity and overall success using time-tested meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Group yoga Classes

Combine yoga postures and breath work to wake-up the body and relax the mind, leaving you feeling perfectly balanced and refreshed. Walk away with a better understanding of how yoga can be used as self-care, to gain total mind and body strength and improve flexibility.


*Offered as a Workshop Series or as Independent Sessions

The Art of RELAXATION & Optimizing Your Sleep

Learn how meditation, mindfulness and other relaxation techniques can be used to reduce stress and tension, and set the tone for high-quality sleep. This allows deeper levels of restoration to occur, leaving you feeling energized, refreshed and steady-thinking.

cultivate clarity around Your Goals and Intentions

Explore meditation and visualization techniques to help you work through your barriers and blocks; clear the space and energy to create clarity around your goals and intentions, train your brain muscle and initiate forward motion towards your goals.

food as fuel for your brain and body

Achieve greater results as you learn to fuel your mind and body with nutrient-dense foods and spices that optimize and enhance brain health, energy and focus; where productivity, creativity and innovation reach their peak.

Gain more years of health and vitality doing what you love.

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