The Art of Relaxation and Optimizing Your Sleep

Grab your journal or notebook and check-out this 30-minute workshop all about the top techniques and habits to set the tone for consistent quality sleep, according to the yogis, neuroscience and sleep studies. Tap-into the raw power of your brain to optimize your health and your sleep; therefore optimizing your ability to be more focused, creative and successful in everything you do.

Deep breathing increases our ability to focus and promotes feelings of calm, which is the reason long, deep breaths are often used as a tool to prepare the mind and body for meditation practice. This session includes breath observation, experiencing the various sensations of the breath and feeling the breath flow fluidly through the chest, ribs and belly. Connect with this incredible inner source of peace and power within you.

This affirmations meditation practice is designed to help you align your mind and body to sleep soundly and peacefully throughout the night. Affirmations are intentional statements we repeat to ourselves in the present tense. Enjoy these calming, peaceful and loving messages as you drift off to sleep.

This meditation uses physical sensation and contraction to release areas of built-up tension you may be holding in your physical body. When we are stressed our muscles often contract without us knowing, and we can become so accustomed to that feeling that we no longer recognize it. This body-scan technique is designed to teach you how to recognize when you begin to tense the muscles in your body due to stress, and how to release and relax!

Yoga Nidra (also called “yogic sleep”) is an immensely powerful sleep meditation technique that has been used for thousands of years to help release disturbances, which leads to deeper quality sleep, reduced insomnia, decreased stress and anxiety, as well as heightened awareness and feelings of peace and clarity. You will be guided to a state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleeping; borders are often blurred between concentration, relaxation and meditation. Listen to the intro lesson above at least once, then practice the full-length Yoga Nidra meditation below before bed and allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

Full-length Yoga Nidra meditation.