Meditation to Master Your Stress and Anxiety

Welcome to this course for stress and anxiety management, all about helping you find techniques that work uniquely for you to release your stress and anxiety in healthy ways. In this intro lesson you'll learn about how chronic stress is influencing us in the modern world and the importance of making stress your "friend" to live a fulfilling and happy life.

This guided visualization meditation brings your focus to your body, your breath and your senses, leading you on a journey to the ocean shore, and to a deep state of relaxation. Cultivate a strong sense of peace and well-being within yourself as you completely let go of stress and recharge in this calming practice.

In this lesson, learn two short breathing exercises you can practice during the day (at home, at work or on-the-go) when you hit moments of overwhelm and anxiety. Deep breathing increases our ability to focus, releases physical tension and stress, calms the nervous system and promotes clarity.

This intro lesson is focused on mindfulness meditation; one of the most effective stress reduction methods, as it trains our brains to relax, let go and live in the present moment, experiencing life more fully as it is happening. For the majority today, being present in the moment takes enormous attention and energy, when it should really be our natural state.

Our over-stimulating modern ways of living have built distracted brains that instead spend too much time caught-up in worlds of thoughts and stories. Our minds often come to rest on obsessive fears, worries and anxieties about the future, the unknown. Or over-thinking and re-hashing the past – wondering why things happened, what if you would have said this or that. With a consistent mindfulness meditation practice you can learn to live more fully in the present, with memories and plans for the future being a conscious and productive choice we make at appropriate times. Try these two mindfulness meditations below, one for inner peace and one to recharge.

This is a guided visualization through a beautiful, lush forest which is great for relaxation and increasing or encouraging the flow of creative energy. As we engage our imagination and the senses through this connection to nature we create feelings of peace and deep calm, in addition to activating the areas of our brain related to creativity, innovation and new ideas.