Corene Summers


Move. Nourish. Breathe. Release.

Before the life I live now, I spent a decade in Wealth Management working for large firms. It was a life full of long hours, pressure, and high-stress. As I looked around at my anxious colleagues, I realized they too felt drained and isolated. The chronic stress had taken a toll on us all.

The conditions of our fast-paced modern world challenge our sense of connection, grounding, and peace. And unfortunately, no part of the body is immune to the unbelievably damaging effects of stress. It can manifest in anything from headaches to insomnia, physical pain, anxiety, depression, weight gain, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, brain fog and even cancer. How many people do you personally know suffering from one of these ailments right now? My guess is, far too many. I’ve learned that very few people know how to manage their stress and anxiety in a healthy way, and I want to do everything I can to help change that.

I’ve dedicated the last 6 years of my life and career to studying healing Eastern therapies to help relieve the epidemic of chronic stress. I’ve found many answers lie meditation and mindfulness, yoga, Ayurveda and other sacred wellness rituals contained within the rich history of the yoga lifestyle. The food we nourish our bodies with directly impacts our overall health and the brain-gut-stress connection; the way we move and breathe allows us to nourish our minds and bodies, and to find needed release.

I launched Artisan Farmacy to help busy and stressed professionals find more balance and peace in all areas of their lives. The yoga lifestyle is a perfect solution to the physical and emotional burdens that come with a fast-paced and high-performing career. These techniques allow you to not only improve your physical and mental strength overall, but to truly thrive at your fullest as you harmonize mind, body and spirit.

As an International Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, Reiki Master, Holistic Counselor, Corporate Wellness Specialist© and Yoga Teacher®, I’m here to offer you the tools, knowledge and guidance you need. Join me to discover how to move, nourish, breathe and release in your own unique way, allowing you to reach peak levels of health and happiness.

I’m ready when you are.

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