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Holy Fire Reiki I & II Certified Training Practitioner Course (One Payment)

Regardless of your current status or profession, this Certified Holy Fire I & II Reiki Practitioner Course will teach you everything you need to know about using the transformational energy healing modality of Reiki.

It may propel healing at deeper levels and ignite your spiritual and emotional growth as you help yourself and others find relief from struggles, pain or discomfort.

You'll learn to release dark/negative energy from your electromagnetic field, cultivate clarity, connect with your purpose and take action with empowerment and intention. 

It cultivates your light body, your subtle energy and unconditional love from within; while teaching you how to protect yourself from outside chaos and toxic energy from others.

Once you are attuned, you can use these techniques to send healing, peace, love and light to yourself, your loved ones, your pets, humanity overall and the planet {both in-person or remotely}

YOU chose to be here on earth at this historic (& wildly chaotic) point in time for a very specific reason. You have your own unique value and purpose. Your journey is beautifully designed. And your gifts are essential to help raise the vibration of yourself, your communities and the planet. 

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Purpose?


I'm here for you!

Love, Corene

Corene Summers | Reiki Master
CEO & Founder of Artisan Farmacy