Productivity and Success Meditations

This is a visualization exercise to help you set intentions and initiate forward motion towards your goals. Creative visualization is a practice of influencing our outer world by changing our internal world (attitudes, feelings and thoughts.) It is a basic technique used to mentally train muscle memory and develop positive thinking skills that is often used by business leaders and athletes to enhance their performance and achieve results.

This meditation is an affirmations meditation to improve focus and concentration. Affirmations are intentional statements you repeat over and over again, fully holding your attention on the words as you repeat them. This is a practice of letting go of outside thoughts and distractions and returning to the affirmations, building your mental stamina and ability to stay focused on one thing at a time for an extended period.

If you have breath flowing in your body, you have a message and a purpose in life. Explore how to use the power of your thoughts and mindful intention to connect with your passions and discover greater joy and purpose in your life with this guided affirmation meditation. This practice will focus your mind and heart to begin your day with a sense of motivation.

This meditation promotes healthy energetic balance; it will help you cleanse and clear negative energy, as well as gain more positive energy throughout the body and mind. It’s a perfect practice to hit the reset button and re-energize, so you can carry the peacefulness and lightness of mind with you into the day ahead.