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So, what does it really mean to “raise your vibration”?

Everything in this world is made of energy and has a vibrational frequency. Every living and non-living thing — from your own body to the foods you eat, a blade of grass or a plant, animals, music, thoughts, a piece of furniture, the stars. Each of us possess our own biomagnetic field which, like all energy, is not static and can be manipulated and guided into form. Energy is constantly moving throughout our physical bodies as well as our electromagnetic fields, vibrating at varying speeds and emitting diverse frequencies which transmit messages and information.

By absorbing positive vibrations through consuming light, nutrient-rich food and plenty of water, practicing yoga, proper breathing and meditation, healing through reiki, chakra balancing, crystals, plants, sound, laughter and having fun etc., you will create an incredibly positive healing response in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. You have the power and ability to up-level your own energetic frequency; which brings you in-line with attracting and achieving your ultimate purpose and potential.

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Love + namaste, Corene

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Meditation & Breathing

Learn how to master the art of meditation and proper breathing to transform your life! I believe everyone should learn these tools, and that we are each incredibly unique, which means the type of meditation or breathing techniques we need changes from day-to-day, based on what we are navigating in life at the moment. We are also unique in the amount of time and attention we have available to practice as we progress on our individual journey’s. I want this to be accessible to everyone, so I offer special pricing for all meditation sessions: Just $1 per minute for a minimum of 15 minutes. These sessions are offered remote/virtual. Also offered for groups and private events, pricing varies.

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Reiki Healing Journey’s

These Reiki journey’s are incredibly powerful and can be used for general healing and relaxation, to remove negative energy, to empower goals, or with the intention to address or heal a specific issue. Similar to a meditation journey, the session is partially guided and partially a silent voyage. Some students will have a very visual experience, others will feel the energy flowing around and within, and for some the experience will take place mostly in subtle layers of the mind while you remain in a state of calm and peace. It soothes and relaxes and nurtures very deeply. The cost is $111 for one hour, either in-person or remote. Also offered for groups and private events, pricing varies.


Reiki Energy healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple yet powerful Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that directs calming energy to the energy centers in the body, also known as meridians or chakras, to produce a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. Learn more. In-Person: For clients in the Chicago metro area, in-person Reiki sessions are available. The cost is $111 for 1-hour or $60 for half hour sessions; aromatherapy oils, sound bowls and crystals are optional additions at no extra fee. Remote/Virtual: As a Reiki Master, Corene is able to offer long-distance & absentee sessions. The cost is $75 for 1-hour or $40 for a half-hour.

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cultivate powerful Sleep: Yoga Nidra & Sleep Consultation

This immensely powerful meditation technique will guide you to a state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleeping; borders are often blurred between concentration relaxation and meditation, with the potential to be as restorative as up to 4 hours of sleep. The practice of Yoga Nidra has been used for thousands of years to help release physical and mental disturbances, which leads to reduced insomnia, decreased stress and anxiety, as well as heightened awareness and feelings of peace and clarity overall. Session includes personalized sleep coaching and advice. The cost is $75 for a one hour remote/virtual session.

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Yoga for Health

I will create a personalized and tailored yoga practice for your direct health and fitness needs. Practice yoga at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home! With my background in Ayurveda and yoga therapy, this can include improvements for digestion, brain health, stress and anxiety, deep relaxation, focus and concentration, strengthening, balance, flexibility and athlete recovery etc. Regardless of where you are in your yoga practice today, I will meet you where you are to find challenges, build strength and improve agility to help you feel healthier overall. The cost is $90 for one hour, either in-person or remote. Also offered for groups and private events, pricing varies.

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Chakra balancinG, Soul retrieval & crystal Healing

The purpose of these techniques is to neutralize past trauma, stress and blockages to heal emotions and wipe the energetic slate clean. This process will help you reclaim aspects of vital energy, mind, heart and soul that have been disowned through trauma, fear, guilt or shame. The added frequency of crystals can enhance and amplify the healing possibilities on every level – physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual. Energy blockages and stagnation are easily cleared by this powerful combination. The cost is $90 for in-person or $75 for a one hour remote/virtual session. It is recommended to book a series of sessions (at a discounted rate) for the best long-term results.

***Many services are offered both in-person and remote/virtually, for individuals and/or groups. If there is an option you’re interested in that you don’t see here, please ask in the session submission form.