The Daily Detox Guide


LET GO OF STRESS, feed your brain & heal your bODY

This training is all about how to bring your body back into balance and back into harmony through a “daily detox” mindset. This is not about liquid diets, supplements and exercise till you drop. You don’t need to restrict yourself to green juice and a sweat lodge to earn these amazing detoxifying benefits.

The approach is simple: let go of what you don’t need.

As we move through our lives and experience challenges and stressful situations, we accumulate these burdens in the mind and body. The burdens and expectations of our employers, colleagues, families, partners, our own self-doubts, worries and fears, our communities. The list is endless.

You can support your body in releasing both physical and mental burdens through cultivating practices of meditation, mindfulness, pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga and eating nutrient-dense food. This training will help you release physical tension you may be carrying; feed your brain and heal your body through a variety of real foods and spices; and use movement, meditation and other ancient self-care rituals to reduce the toxic physical and mental overload caused by ongoing stress.

When not properly released, residue builds-up and becomes blocked within organs and channels of the body, which slows-down our internal systems and may lead to chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, irritability, inability to concentrate (brain fog), inflammation, a weakened immune system, skin, sinus or digestive problems or many other issues.

By learning how to support your own natural detox systems, you will better keep your internal pathways healthy and working smoothly as they are so beautifully designed to. You can improve your digestion, gut health, energy levels, stress levels, brain health and so much more.

Discover the ease of being and state of flow that comes with restoring balance and harmony in your mind and body.

Are you ready to join me and learn more?