Working with Artisan Farmacy has had a permanent, positive impact on my life, without a doubt! Corie’s expert knowledge combined with her supportive coaching techniques has helped me develop new skills to improve my well-being and effectiveness. Developing mindfulness skills has enhanced my ability to manage pressure in professional and personal life. Additionally, I sleep much better than I ever have previously, a much-appreciated benefit. This integrated approach across diet, exercise and mindfulness is the ideal package for the busy executive. I cannot recommend enough!
— Howard, Business Executive, Coaching client

Corene, here is some feedback. When I returned to my condo after my class I was so relaxed. I did not listen to music or watch television. Just had a snack and sat there in a completely relaxed state. I slept like a baby, woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed ready to go. Thank you… Looking forward to next session.
— Attorney & Business Owner, Coaching Client

Working one on one with Corie has brought an entirely new energy and exploration to my practice and to my life. Not only has she infused our sessions together with imaginative transitions and challenging poses, she has provided meditation, mantras and guidance that I rely upon throughout the day. She tailors each session to you - your skills, your strengths, your weaknesses, your emotions, and your overall health in a global sense and in the moment of that particular day. Her positive spirit gives you an extra boost of self-belief and her healing energy is really palpable. She will meet you where you are each and every time you are practicing and she will take you closer to where you’d like to be. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have someone on their side who is a joyful friend, yoga instructor, aromatherapy expert, and clean eating guru?!
— Jaclyn, Business Owner, Coaching Client

Your guidance, support, wisdom and overall positivity has been so inspiring and important for me as I navigate through murky waters, tough and emotionally triggering times. I never considered myself a meditation person or placed much value on what it could do for me. Since working with you, I finally feel like I’m transforming in ways I didn’t think possible. I actually love meditating! You helped me tap into something I never knew was there. Grateful for you when I do my morning meditations and journaling. You are a warrior healer spirit who inspires me and so many others every day, and I don’t know what I would do without you!
— Attorney, Private Meditation

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your meditations. I slept incredibly well and still had a lingering smell of the oil on my head in the morning. It felt great. I know there are more folks out there who would love it. It’s so important.
— Jackie, Business Owner, Private Meditation

The best part of classes with Corie is that she gives you information that you can bring into your day-to-day life. I no longer think about the limitations I arbitrarily put on myself, but rather focus on my intentions for the future. When I thought of yoga, I always thought of the word “enough.” I never thought I was young enough, thin enough or flexible enough to do yoga. I was living in a place of self-doubt, never willing to take a chance and try. After years of struggling with a bad back living in pain, I finally had to say ENOUGH and do something about it. Meeting Corie and taking classes with her not only helped my back, but also my self-confidence. After one session I could tell I was on a path of not only physical but mental wellness. I was blown away at how differently I felt, and was angry for depriving my body because of some silly standard I thought I didn’t meet.
— Meghan, HR Manager, Private Yoga