Powerful Affirmations Guide

Powerful Affirmations Guide

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Over 275 affirmations to choose from daily to help you release your blocks and let go, increase gratitude and positivity, attract wealth and success or heal and improve your health overall.

We all have the power to change our lives by changing our thoughts. One of the most influential choices we make every single day of our lives is what to ‘wear’ in our minds. What we think about holds great power; it trickles down to the way we feel and act, which impacts our life experiences.

One of the most useful tools available to us in developing our brain power and positive thinking skills are affirmations. These are statements made by the conscious intelligent mind which are communicated to the subconscious (primitive) mind. They can be used to reprogram useless and unproductive thoughts and belief patterns and install new, more positive and useful belief systems.

In this guide I’ve included dozens of options for affirmations and mantras focused around various categories you to choose from on your path to creating a healthy, positive and success-focused mindset.

Affirmations should be practiced daily; best done at the start of your day while the morning is fresh and undisturbed, and before checking your phone or getting into the hustle and bustle of your activities. With time and practice, your self-worth and positive vibrations will grow stronger, and your reality will begin to mirror your chosen affirmations.

Questions? Please email Corene at artisanfarmacy@gmail.com.

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