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Nothing in our world is wasted – this universe is a divine gift, and you already have access to all the tools you need to cultivate a healthy and thriving life. Let me show you how to use them.

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Farmacy: A toolkit of wellness techniques and rituals that help you cultivate your ultimate health potential and master your thought power; allowing you to step into your highest impact, greatest work and ultimate purpose.

What’s in your farmacy?

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Hi, welcome. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

I’m Corene. My healing journey led me here after a decade spent working in high-pressure finance roles; I struggled to manage my demanding career, the high levels of stress that came with it and almost a dozen various medical diagnoses, including Lyme disease.

A kismet 4-month trip to India, Nepal and Tibet had planted the seeds for my future healing, and began preparing me for a career spent helping others transform their health and lives, in the same powerful ways I have…

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The Farmacy

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VIP 1:1 Coaching Membership to “The Farmacy” — a virtual toolkit of practices to help you cultivate your ultimate health, master your thought power and step into

your highest impact.

Explore ancient wisdom for the modern world with the Artisan Farmacy Wellness Protocol; rituals like meditation and mindfulness (“mind-fitness”), sleep & relaxation practices, success techniques, real-food nutrition, yoga, positive psychology and energy balancing, plus twice monthly 1:1 sessions with Corene. These techniques will help you create your own powerful inner armor in 6 key areas:

Powerful Brain, Power Body, Powerful Food, Powerful Sleep, Powerful Emotions and Powerful Thoughts


Coming soon: Partner with your unique mind and body to release stress and anxiety in healthy ways.

You crave a deep, healing release of tension in both mind and body… but you’re not getting it. Between work/business, spouses, kids, in-laws, traffic, paying bills, social media and technology upkeep… your brain never gets a break.

In this course, you’ll learn how to unleash the unlimited power of your brain to let go of harmful stress and anxious thoughts as you cultivate greater peace of mind and ease of being from within.

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This yoga video series is all about celebrating YOU and all of the incredible things your mind and body are capable of.

This is the perfect collection of practices for all-levels (no prior experience necessary) to begin to explore how to use yoga as a tool to build and support your ultimate mind-body health. Release areas of built-up stress and tension, stretch a restore deeply and return to a state of balance as you cultivate a sense of home in your own body.

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Everything you need to calm your mind, improve your sleep and discover what healthy rest cycles mean for you.

Explore the art of relaxation and optimizing your sleep in this comprehensive mindfulness course. Through incorporating some of these simple yet effective techniques into your daily habits and sleep routines, you'll set yourself up for success and for a deeply restorative and rejuvenating sleep, every night.

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