Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness activities:

  • Sharpens focus, concentration and memory

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout

  • Positively impacts emotional intelligence, resilience and team communication

  • Inspires greater creativity and innovation

  • Boosts self-image and positive thinking skills

  • Reduces insomnia and maximizes quality of sleep

  • Calms and deeply relaxes the mind and body

  • Improves immune function and overall health


Unlock the full power and potential of your team, and your business.

Let’s connect to chat more about scheduling a workshop for your team, or speaking at your next company conference or meeting. You will empower your leaders and innovators to reach peak levels of awareness and step into their highest impact, greatest work and ultimate potential.


*Offered as a workshop series, as independent sessions or as a 1-day business event.

Stress and Anxiety Management

In this workshop you’ll learn time-tested tools to help you release stress and anxiety as well as calm your mind and body; allowing you to better access your total brain power, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Art of RELAXATION and OptimiZing YOUR Sleep

This workshop is an introduction to the top relaxation techniques to help you calm your thoughts and set the tone for high-quality restorative sleep – every night.

cultivating clarity around Goals and Intentions

This interactive workshop will teach you some valuable mindfulness tools you can use to clear mental block, cultivate clarity of mind and consciously redirect your focus to move towards your ambitions with a sense of purpose and motivation.

mindfulness and MEditation Success Practices For LEadership

This workshop offers guidance on the proven benefits of mindfulness and meditation, how to create your own regular practices and sustain the habit, as well as introducing a variety of techniques suitable for the workplace.