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Proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness activities:

  • Sharpen focus, concentration and memory

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout

  • Positively impact EQ and communication

  • Improve productivity, creativity and innovation

  • Build inner strength, confidence and resilience

  • Boost overall mood and positive thinking skills

  • Calm and relax the mind and body

  • Increase consciousness and clarity

  • Slow the aging process

  • Improve immune function and overall health

  • Decrease insomnia and improve quality of sleep

  • Deeply experience life in the present moment

  • Improve the quality of everyday life


Unlock the Power of Your Mind, & Your Full Potential.

Empower your leaders and innovators to reach peak levels of awareness and learn to lead from a place that is not reactive to what is happening, but responsive and proactive based on being grounded, centered and conscious. Release stress and achieve greater clarity, energy, focus, creativity and overall success using time-tested meditation and mindfulness techniques.


*Offered as a workshop series, as independent sessions or as a 1-day business event.

cultivating clarity around Goals and Intentions

Are you interested in getting to the root of what mental frames, stressors and blocks may be holding you back from achieving clarity and accomplishing more? In our increasingly demanding world, it’s common to battle stress, worry and even confusion around your goals from time to time.

This interactive workshop will teach you some valuable mindfulness tools you can use to clear mental block, cultivate clarity of mind and consciously redirect your focus to move towards your ambitions with a sense of purpose and motivation.

Stress and Anxiety Management

When you discover how to access a true sense of calm from your core, you gain distance from your challenges which brings clarity, growth and a sense of empowerment.

In this workshop you’ll learn time-tested tools to help you release stress and anxiety as well as calm your mind and body; allowing you to better access your total brain power, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Art of RELAXATION and OptimiZing YOUR Sleep

What would you be able to accomplish with a little more energy every day? Truly restful sleep also sets the stage for a bright start in the morning, so you can accomplish all the things you need to do with increased energy and focus.

This workshop is an introduction to the top relaxation techniques to help you calm your thoughts and set the tone for high-quality restorative sleep – every night.

intro to mindfulness and MEditation

What would it mean for you to increase your presence, become more self-aware, and lead from a place that is not reactive, but responsive and proactive based on being balanced and conscious?

This workshop offers guidance on the proven benefits of mindfulness and meditation, how to create your own regular practices and sustain the habit, as well as introducing a variety of techniques suitable for the workplace.

Gain more years of health and vitality doing what you love.

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