A Virtual Camp, Conscious Festival and Digital Escape to Paradise

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You may feel burned out, stressed out, tired out and worn out from the last year spent living through these strange and historic times. 


We created Core9Camp, an online retreat and "camp", to support you to come out of hiding and get back into THRIVING.


In 2021 we brought together 30 global thought leaders and 25 activities over 4 days to teach you, lead you, and guide you on a path back to wellness, power, and serenity.


You won’t need a tent, and it’s way cheaper than a vacation or a therapist... and now you can access it all online & on-demand!

Missed Camp? Snag Your VIP Ticket to Watch All Replays!

Dr. Benjamin Ritter

Leadership & Career Coach

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Corene Summers

CEO of Artisan Farmacy & Reiki Master

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Alex Terranova

Author, Performance Coach, PCC, ACCC

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Terry Rice

Business Consulting & Entrepreneur Magazine

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Caitlin V Neal

Sexologist, Coach & Entrepreneur

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John Shinnerer

Men's Relationship Coach

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Ava Johanna

Founder of The Academy of Breath

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Jay Taylor

Sound Meditation Facilitator

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Emily Merrell

Founder & CEO of Six Degrees Society

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Lauren Donahue

Founder of Lifestyle Upgrade Coach

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Murray Hidary

Musician, Artist, & Creator of MindTravel

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Amina AlTai

Holistic Leadership & Mindset Coach

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Pierre Rogers

Founder & CEO of Yahyn

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Michael Stone

Founder of Neurodynamic Breathwork

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Stephanie Rae

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Sex Coach

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Evan Shy

Founder & CEO of Hiitide

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MaryKate Schmidt

Founder & CEO of Movement by MK

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Max Kramer

Dating Coach for Shy Men

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Chef Niki Connor

Professional Chef, Health & Nutrition Counselor

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John Livesay

The Pitch Whisperer

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Joree Rose

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Kayla Osterhoff

MPH, HOPe, PhDc & Neurspsychophysiologist

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Corey McComb

Author & Marketer

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Giulia Preziuso

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Sabrina Pratt

Theater Owner & Comedienne

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Morgan Raphael

Wellness Blogger & Self-Care Coach

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Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FiISSN

Nutritional Biochemist & Dietitian

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Dai Manuel

Purveyor of Happiness

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Mel McSherry

Business Guide, Speaker & Author

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Rachel McClusky

Fitness & Creator of the Recharge Method

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John Siddique

Founder of Authentic Living, Author & Poet

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Alex Weber

International Speaker & American Ninja Warrior

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Caring for this area of your health includes the physical aspects of yourself; working out, what you eat, how you perceive your body, going to the doctor when needed, personal hygiene, the environments you spend time in and  how you overall treat your physical self.

Your mental health is the foundation of your existence. Everything starts in your mind - your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Caring for this area of your being involves gaining an awareness and level of control over your thoughts, which trickle-down to everything else.

There is a difference between Spirituality and Religion and we don’t have an opinion on how you embrace and honor this element. All aspects of this element involves some sort of habit, be it prayer, affirmations, meditation or simply connecting with what you believe.

This area involves your relationships with family, close friends and romantic partner(s), which largely depend on the relationship you have with yourself. What power could it give you to start changing, healing or expanding your relationships with these important people in your life?

This area involves your attitudes, values and habits around sexual health, as well as the relationship(s) you had, have currently, and will have with a partner(s). This includes sexual hygiene, body image, confidence and developing a positive, respectful approach to sexuality.

This is your relationship to other people and social events and settings. Whether you define yourself as an introvert, extrovert, or both -- you have social needs as well as desires and expectations. Are your social activities adding more to your life or draining your time and energy?

We are all innate creators.  Since the beginning of time humans have been creating and expanding. Singing, painting, writing, dancing, engineering, and even building a company is creative, and part of being human is to create, so it’s time to get those muscles moving again.

Your view of money influences your overall ability to access and manage money. Does money make you stressed, get you excited, or have little effect? Do you relate to abundant or scarcity? Your knowledge and relationship to money impacts your long-term earning potential.

Your career path, current job or business is impacted by your expectations and needs for work. Are you focused on making money, building a network, working toward a specific career goal? How are you exploring, defining, and aligning your aspirations on a daily basis?

Most of us have been stressed out, burnt out, stuck inside, alone, maybe teaching our kids, feeling anxious, sad, angry, confused... and frankly not living our best or most empowered lives.


It’s up to us to ensure that 2021 & beyond is a different story!


The Mission: To create a sanctuary for others to connect, learn, grow, and most importantly, to play.


The Vision: To imbue a community with the ability to escape to paradise in their own lives on a daily basis.


Join us to ReSet, ReStore, ReEmpower.


Core9Camp is the byproduct of the successful mini series, "How Not to Lose Your Shit, and Other Mindfulness Tools" a 30-day challenge workshop on mindfulness and wellbeing in a time of uncertainty. This 4 day virtual camp style retreat is an opportunity for attendees to own where they are at and learn practical tips, tools, and even exercises from experts to get their wellbeing needs met in a fun, relaxing, and active way.


Our Counselors aka, Thoughts Leaders, Teachers, Guides, and Experts will implement lessons, workshops, talks, and activities that promote physical, mental, creative, and spiritual self care broadcast right to our attendees homes.


Core9Camp knows that if we get our foundation handled, our personal wellbeing and mindset, then anything else we desire suddenly becomes possible. Supporting our attendees to realize the power and capabilities they have right there in their own homes and within themselves is transformative. And with the support of our counselors, they be transported to a 5-Star Retreat when they can escape, unwind, and restart their year!

Missed Camp? Snag Your VIP Ticket to Watch All Replays!

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  • The "How Not to Lose Your Shit & Other Mindfulness Tools" E-book
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J.S. Washington

“You don’t realize the amazing people you can meet online until those moments it happens.  These events and experiences have introduced me to leaders and experts who have opened my mind and my heart.  I have also met people who through networking have helped grow my business!”


Monique Johnson

“With kids and work there is no way I could get away for a retreat.  No way!  But Core9Camp is f*#$ing changing that!  To get away was too stressful so I never did it.  And now, I don’t have to travel or plan for babysitters.  I can log on when I have free moments, take a cooking class, yoga class, or even network right from home without stressing myself out just trying to take better care of myself.”

Deb Phillis

“Doing the practices I have learned has been quite remarkable.  I have reconnected with my brother, and niece as a result.  I now have a connection with younger members of my family.  I have made new connections which bring me great joy!”

Brent Montgomery

“When you get around people like those at Core9Camp you learn to be more discipline, more focused, and more committed to your goals.  You see that achieving success takes time and camp helps you take care of you, so you can take care of what matters to you."

Michael Pohl

“Love love love love love the concept of camp from home especially during these wild times.  Such a brilliant idea.  To get all these powerful leaders in one place and uploaded straight to me is a game changer!”

Jessi Boucher

“Through programs created by Ben, Corene, and Alex I have gained community, friendships, new awareness, and so much inspiration!  Thank you all!”

Shawn Kowalski

“I was able to escape my issues with daily life by being mindful and learning from the great trio (Ben, Corene, and Alex).  I developed and established new tools from their teachings.”

Nikki Weber

“I haven’t been to camp since I was a kid.  I never thought I’d go as an adult.  But with the stesses of COVID, all the political drama, and everything else in the world this was the perfect escape that I didn’t even know I needed.”