Cultivating lives centered on health & happiness.


Service Highlights



Transformation designed specifically for you. Achieve greater results in both personal and professional spheres when you learn to exist at optimal levels of harmony between the mind and body.


The yoga lifestyle is a perfect solution to help busy and stressed professionals find more balance and peace in all areas of their lives, unlocking their highest levels of potential success.


Learn to implement healthy routines that fit your needs and your schedule, so you can practice wellness and feel great every day - whether at home or on the go! 


Step out of the studio and onto your mat in unique, urban spaces around Chicago. We hold weekly indoor and outdoor yoga classes taught by Corene Summers and her team of Registered Yoga Teachers. Our classes are delightfully challenging for both beginners and expert yogis, so bring your friends! Feel free to join us after class for some happy hour fun!


Personalized Nutrition

It’s not about diet, guidelines, norms or restrictions. Learn to use natural ingredients and spices to build strength and vitality, improve digestion, support your immune system, boost brain health, combat inflammation and detox naturally. Create nutrition habits that fit your circumstances, your body and your preferences, so you can truly thrive.



A yoga, meditation, reiki and healing culture retreat coming soon! We will discover how to find more balance in life through self-care and a lifestyle of intentional, mindful wellness. Learn to heal from the inside out using ancient techniques for transformation and total mind-body health.


Free Wellness Guides


Register here for my free mini-course, where I share some simple shifts to make in your day-to-day life that will help you reduce stress and anxiety, energize your mind and body, and start living a more meaningful existence right away. Find an ease of being in your life that makes you feel your very best, inside and out. You don’t want to miss it…