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  1. A safe and supportive space to heal your own mind, body and soul.

  2. The art and practice of cultivating and dispensing ancient medicine.

  3. A toolkit of go-to techniques and rituals used to create a lifestyle of strength and vitality through mindful and intentional living.

    you already have access to all the tools you need to cultivate A healthY and thriving life. let me show you how to use them.

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I’m looking forward to meeting you!

My name is Corene Summers. The first thing you should know about me is that I love and care deeply about people and the world around me. I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and about helping others transform their own health and their lives in the way I have.

My own healing journey led me here after a decade spent working in high-pressure financial services roles. I struggled to manage my chronic stress, my demanding career and almost a dozen various medical diagnoses and autoimmune issues, including Lyme disease.

A kismet solo trip to India, Nepal and Tibet in 2011 (towards the beginning of my health issues) planted the seeds for my future healing. I spent four months travelling, volunteering at an orphanage and studying meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, yoga, ancient nutrition/Ayurveda and other self-care rituals for mind-body transformation.

These experiences connected me to the knowledge I needed to bring my mind and body back into balance, and to thrive in-spite of my challenges. They also connected me to my true passions and purpose; supporting businesses leaders and entrepreneurs in advancing their own health, their consciousness, their passions and their lives overall through cultivating greater brain power, energy, creativity, freedom and wealth through vibrant health.

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