Cultivate a Powerful Mind

Release your stress and chaotic thoughts to create space for clarity of mind, greater brain health, a positive mindset and ultimate thought power.




YES, I Want to Uplevel My Mind

You have the power to change your life by changing your thoughts.

The most influential choice you make is what to ‘wear’ on your mind.

You can choose your thoughts "just like you choose the clothes you put on in the morning", as my teacher Antonina Ramsey always says.

Your thoughts hold great power: they impact every single thing that happens in your life.

Course Curriculum

Welcome Aboard!

Lesson 1: Affirmations to Rewire Your Brain for Success

Lesson 2: The Science of Gratitude & Happiness

Lesson 3: Manifesting Your Goals & Intentions

Lesson 4: Yoga Flow for Energy & Focus

Lesson 5: Mindfulness Meditation to Recharge

Lesson 6: Meditation for Mind-Body Energy

Lesson 7: Meditation to Improve Focus & Clarity

Lesson 8: Bonus Empowerment Guides & Techniques

What to Expect:

✔ Explore visualization and meditation exercise to help you set clear intentions and initiate forward motion towards your goals and intentions from a place of true empowerment.

✔ Learn how to let go of distractions that get in your way and transcend the endless chatter of the mind to enter into deeper states of being that lead to increased awareness, self-understanding and personal transformation.

✔ Practice meditation, mindfulness, pranayama (breathing), mantras, affirmations and other tools to overcome harmful and stressful mental patterns and re-train your mindset for positivity and success.

✔ Explore which yoga poses and sequences can help you release stress, improve your focus and create clarity of mind - all in the comfort of your own home.

✔ Gain a deeper understanding of how to support your brain health and improve your focus, memory and cognitive function overall.

✔ Learn to listen to your body and learn to instinctively give it what it needs.

✔ Establish daily practices you can implement easily into your daily routines.

✔ Discover that, no matter what this crazy world throws your way, you can learn to give yourself what you need mentally and physically to get back on track.

YES, I Want to Uplevel My Mind


You are Powerful! Only You Can Choose What to "Wear" on Your Mind

If you support your brain health and empower yourself through the high-impact techniques I share in this course, you will witness a massive ripple effect of positive changes in your physical health, mental/emotional health and life overall.

Too often my clients come to me in a state of being constantly caught-up in the winds of the world and letting external troubles dominate their thoughts. 

This leads to sour moods, engaging in negative self-talk, complaining and treating others poorly. Does that sound like you? 

Don't worry, it was me too!

These negative mental loops -- are normal and human -- but cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, which also negatively impacts your health and happiness.

The good news: you can make small shifts with huge impact!

Throughout this course you will have the opportunity to explore the top techniques I've discovered in my decade of studying ancient and modern wellness, as well as the science behind what leads to a healthy brain, increased success and a happy mindset. 

Come explore with me and see what works best for you.

YES, I Want to Uplevel My Mind

Get Excited! I'm Sharing Some of My Top Resources:


 Guided meditation, breathing and mindfulness practices to harness your thought power, re-wire your brain for success and become a powerful joy creator.

A copy of the Artisan Farmacy Powerful Affirmations E-book with transformational affirmations to support overall healing, clearing negative energy, cultivating positivity and attracting greater wealth potential.

 Quick and effective yoga practices (video) to improve your balance, enhance your focus and boost your energy levels.

 Written guides and other workbooks to help you nurture a mindset aligned with your desire to feel positive, fulfilled and empowered in daily life.

YES, I Want to Uplevel My Mind

Why reinvent the wheel when these ancient tips and tools for cultivating a powerful & joyful mind have already been working for 5000+ years?


Your Instructor, Corene Summers


Corene Summers is a well-being expert proficient in tailoring the ancient wisdom of meditation, mindfulness and other holistic wellness techniques to our modern business world.

After a decade of working in wealth management she founded Artisan Farmacy in 2016 to pass along these life-changing techniques and to help her clients achieve their ultimate visions for the future in health, career, family & personal passions through cultivating powerful habits to cope with stress, reduce tension and optimize sleep; leading to increased energy, focus, creativity and success.

Corene is an international meditation and mindfulness expert, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist©, Reiki Master, business success coach and entrepreneur. She is also an expert coach and workshop host/speaker for Entrepreneur Magazine and the Wellness Coach App. Her key learning took place with incredible teachers, gurus, shamans and other mentors throughout the U.S., India, Tibet, Nepal, Spain and Australia.

Learn More About Corene
Quality Audio & Video

High-vibe professional, prerecorded audio and video trainings with transformational sleep techniques and guided meditations.

Easy to Understand

All of these meditations and other sleep and relaxation resources can be accessed easily and conveniently from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Supplemental Resources

Downloadable E-books and printable PDF files, as well as audio files, provide complete support and deepen understanding on your journey.

YES, I Want to Uplevel My Mind

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