Master Your Stress & Anxiety

Reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm while energizing your mind and body to reach greater levels of health -- and JOY! -- in your daily life.




I'm Ready to Master My Stress

Cultivate Greater Peace & Power in this World of Chaos.


Are you feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?

Are you ready to take control of your health, your thoughts and your emotions to achieve greater ease of being and a sense of inner power?

Well, first of all, congratulations: you're human. 

Second -- you've come to the right place!

I'm excited to share these powerful ancient techniques, rituals and simple mindset shifts that will help you (the same way they've helped me over the last decade+) reduce stress and anxiety, energize your mind and body, and start living a more purpose-driven existence right away.

Course Modules Include:

Welcome Aboard!

Lesson 1: Master Your Stress Workshop

Lesson 2: Breath Awareness for Instant Relaxation

Lesson 3: Pause & Reset with Counting Breaths

Lesson 4: Meditation to Clear Negative Blocks

Lesson 5: Unwind Your Mind with Visualization

Lesson 6: Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief

Lesson 7: Yoga Practices for Stress Relief

Lesson 8: Sacred Sounds for Stress Relief

Lesson 9: Bonus Stress Relief Guides & Resources

Why reinvent the wheel when these ancient tips and tools for stress & anxiety relief have already been working for 5000+ years?


This program is for you, if:


 You want to feel healthier and happier

✓ You regularly feel consumed with stress, anxiety and overwhelm due to the constant demands of your  career, health, family and personal life

 You are eager to leave your stress and health struggles behind you

 You are dedicated to making lasting changes and prioritizing taking better care of YOU

 You are enthusiastic about experiencing health transformation

 You want to achieve greater confidence and peace of mind

 You are devoted to cultivating a positive and productive health mindset

 You are ready to invest in developing your own habits for success


I'm Ready to Master My Stress

Overcome Chronic Stress & Burnout

Chronic stress and I used to know each other quite well... and it was no way to live. Life is full of chaos and stress builds-up over time, affecting the overall health of our minds and our bodies. It's critical to learn how to release these toxic burdens in a healthy way, so they don't cause further harm now or down the road.

I designed these topics and exercises to work together as tools to help you release anything that may be weighing you down physically and/or emotionally, as well as re-energize so you can feel your best and function at your best.

You'll learn some techniques to cultivate a solid foundation of wellness habits and rituals that work for you; focusing on building routines that will easily fit into your life, and help you reach greater success in managing your stress on an ongoing basis. This frees the time, energy and space to do more of what you love -- with who you love!

It's all about making healthy choices that you feel good about, and that help you FEEL SO GOOD, vibrant both inside and out.

Your Coach, Corene Summers

Corene Summers is a well-being expert proficient in tailoring the ancient wisdom of meditation, mindfulness and other holistic wellness techniques to our modern business world.

After a decade of working in wealth management she founded Artisan Farmacy in 2016 to pass along these life-changing techniques and to help her clients achieve their ultimate visions for the future in health, career, family & personal passions through cultivating powerful habits to cope with stress, reduce tension and optimize sleep; leading to increased energy, focus, creativity and success.

Corene is an international meditation and mindfulness expert, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist©, Reiki Master, business success coach and entrepreneur. She is also an expert coach and workshop host/speaker for Entrepreneur Magazine and the Wellness Coach App. Her key learning took place with incredible teachers, gurus, shamans and other mentors throughout the U.S., India, Tibet, Nepal, Spain and Australia.

Quality Audio & Video

High-vibe professional, prerecorded audio and video trainings with transformational stress-relief techniques and guided meditations.

Easy to Access

All of these meditations and other stress and anxiety relief resources can be accessed easily and conveniently from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Supplemental Resources

Downloadable E-books and printable PDF files, as well as audio files, provide complete support and deepen understanding on your journey.

I'm Ready to Master My Stress

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