If you landed here, I know you care deeply about taking care of what allows your company to thrive: your people!



My programs are designed to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, sharpen memory, stimulate creativity and team collaboration — as well as magnify JOY.


Your employees will feel more relaxed and at ease, healthier and happier.


They will be able to reach greater levels of success with increased energy and inspiration.


We will work together to cultivate healthy change that fits seamlessly with your unique business needs, team dynamics and company values.


Please book a call with me below to chat more about how we may be able to work together to support you and your employees during these uncertain times.

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"Corene coached our group with a very nonjudgmental and peaceful style. She really knows the interactions of food and self-time for the body’s proper function and her recommendations are do-able and tailored to ones personal time and ability restrictions. She gave us usable advice and helped us choose goals to implement it."

— Deanna Kruder, Marketing Manager for Bridgeview Wealth

STRETCH to Release Tension

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

In this session you will gently stretch the body in a sequence intended to release built-up stress, tension and tightness, mobilize the joints, increase energy, and connect to the breath to focus attention after long periods of sitting. It will help clear-away stress and create the space in your body and mind to move back into your day feeling re-energized and refreshed.

BREATHE for Calm and Focus

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

This session includes a combination of breathing and visualization meditation to release deeply rooted stress, tension and thought distractions, allowing you to find a calm and centered focus. Learn how to hit the reset button and harness your own inner peace and power in a world of chaos anytime, anywhere, through simple breathing practices.

RESTORE with Chair Yoga

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

This chair yoga session will demonstrate how you can incorporate mindful movement and restorative stretching into your daily routines in practical but powerful ways to reduce stress -- right at your desk. Learn more about the science of the stress response and how yoga can help to create a greater sense of ease and enhance overall wellbeing.

MEDITATE to Empower and Motivate

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

In this session you’ll explore time-tested mindset and meditation tools that you can use to re-wire your belief systems and cultivate greater resilience through building a powerful inner dialogue. Learn how to set the tone for increased productivity, creativity and inspiration in your daily life with this meditation and affirmations for empowerment practice.



These sessions offer guidance on building a powerful and resilient mindset, the proven benefits of mindfulness and meditation according to positive psychology, neuroscience, and the ancient gurus. Mindful awareness techniques can be practiced by anyone at anytime, anywhere to enhance your performance and the richness of your life.

  • Intro to Mindfulness, Meditation & the Science of habits
  • Meditate to Empower & Motivate
  • Fostering Emotional Resilience
  • The Science of Happiness & Cultivating Joy
    • *This session also includes the “Cultivate More Joy in Your Life” eBook by Artisan Farmacy.
  • Brain Science & Meditation
    • *This session also includes the "Mind-Fitness: Top Techniques to Boost Your Brain Health" eBook by Artisan Farmacy.



This segment of sessions demonstrates how to prevent burnout through managing the fight or flight response and embracing the function of recovery. Proper recovery occurs through mindful eating, proper rest and relaxation, deeply restorative sleep, and gentle movement, which can enhance your energy levels, productivity, creativity and even boost your mood.

  • 20 Minutes to Zen Breath & Meditation
  • Master Your Stress & Anxiety
    • *This session also includes the “Mind-Fitness: Top Techniques to Boost Your Brain Health” eBook by Artisan Farmacy.
  • The Art of Relaxation & Optimizing Your Sleep
    • *This session also includes the “Rest Better Tonight” eBook by Artisan Farmacy.
  • Restore with Chair Yoga
    • *This will be a seated and very accessible practice for all levels. Comfortable clothing is ideal if possible.
  • Stretch to Release Tension 
    • *Please wear comfortable clothing and have a mat or clear area that you can sit on the floor as well as stand for this stretch session.



This segment of sessions is designed to teach you about developing focused attention amidst the over-stimulus of our modern world. You will learn how to enter a place of stillness and cultivate a clear, quiet and focused mind through practices of mindfulness, meditation and other techniques. It will also focus on improving your emotional intelligence skills related to emotional responses, listening, communication and cultivating your state of flow. It is from this place of inner centeredness and “state of flow” that performance, creativity, and innovation reach their peak.

  • Improve Focus, Performance & Success
  • Breathe for Calm & Focus
  • Yoga Flow to Build Balance & Concentration
    • *Open & accessible to everyone!



This segment is all about future visions for success and unleashing greater passion, purpose and potential. Each session will introduce techniques to clear mental blocks and consciously build towards the best possible future version of yourself. You can use these valuable tools to clear mental blocks, consciously redirect your focus and take effective action towards your goals with a sense of purpose, clarity and motivation.

  • Mindful Meetings & Magnified Workflow
  • Clarify Goals & Intentions
  • Bring Your Visions to Life 
    • *This session also includes the “Design Your Dream Life” eBook by Artisan Farmacy.
  • Ignite Your Purpose Meditation



VISUALIZE to Achieve Your Goals

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

This interactive workshop will cover valuable mindfulness tools you can use to cultivate clarity and consciously redirect your focus to move towards your ambitions with a sense of purpose and motivation. When you learn to focus your efforts intentionally, you  can program a goal into your mind, making it easier to take the necessary action.

SLEEP and Relax Deeply

*LIVE or pre-recorded video

This workshop is an introduction to the top relaxation techniques and time-tested resources to help you release stress and anxiety, calm your mind and body and optimize your sleep. Discover how to cultivate a powerful evening routine - tailored uniquely to you - that sets the tone for high-quality, deep and restorative sleep every night.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you!

My journey led me to create Artisan Farmacy through a long period of stress, burnout, trauma and a cocktail of serious health and autoimmune issues, including 10+ years of Lyme disease. I was struggling to manage my health combined with a demanding career in management at a financial services firm, among other life challenges. 

I established this platform in order to share the ancient wisdom and holistic techniques that have helped me overcome and re-claim my health (and my wealth potential) over the last decade...



Corene Summers is a well-being expert proficient in tailoring the ancient wisdom of meditation, mindfulness and other holistic wellness techniques to our modern business world.

After a decade of working in wealth management she founded Artisan Farmacy in 2016 to pass along these life-changing techniques and to help her clients achieve their ultimate visions for the future in health, career, family & personal passions through cultivating powerful habits to cope with stress, reduce tension and optimize sleep; leading to increased energy, focus, creativity and success.

Corene is an international meditation and mindfulness expert, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist©, Reiki Master, business success coach and entrepreneur. She is also an expert coach and workshop host/speaker for Entrepreneur Magazine and the Wellness Coach App. Her key learning took place with incredible teachers, gurus, shamans and other mentors throughout the U.S., India, Tibet, Nepal, Spain and Australia.

"Working with Artisan Farmacy has had a permanent, positive impact on my life, without a doubt! Corene’s expert knowledge combined with her supportive coaching techniques has helped me develop new skills to improve my well-being and effectiveness. Developing mindfulness skills has enhanced my ability to manage pressure in professional and personal life. Additionally, I sleep much better than I ever have previously. This integrated approach across diet, exercise and mindfulness is the ideal package for the busy executive. I cannot recommend enough!"
— Howard Ebitson, Business Executive
"Our CEO graciously treated my co-workers and I to group online sessions with Corene to reduce stress and maximize our overall well being. I have been able to introduce new practices that are easy/beneficial and her website is full of resources to help make the change process easier. Highly recommended for individuals, but even more so as team building for small businesses!"
— Nicole Misterka, Office Manager
"We hired Artisan Farmacy to run a corporate wellness program in our office and the feedback has been amazing. There has been a great improvement in productivity as well as team unity. Thank you Artisan Farmacy!"
— Brett Davis, HR Director

Corporate packages include options to gain unlimited access to The Artisan Farmacy Monthly Membership Portal with 100+ virtual on-demand resources around meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, yoga and other holistic wellness topics to support optimal mental, physical and emotional health. 

  • Improves Mental Health and Self-Esteem
  • Lowers Risk of Depression, Anger and Irritability
  • Improves Concentration
  • Increases Positive Thinking
  • Enhances Creativity
  • Facilitates Personal Growth
  • Normalizes Blood Pressure
  • Improves Immmune Function
  • Slows Aging Processes
  • Reduces Anxiety, Burnout, and Stress Related Disorders
  • Promotes Relaxation Throughout the Day
  • Decreases Insomnia
  • Calm the Emotions and Experience Tranquility
  • Learn to Life in the Moment
  • Improve the Quality of Life
  • Build Inner Warrior Strength
  • Expand Your Consciousness
  • Increase Your Connections and Understanding of Others
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  • Improve Mental Health and Self-Esteem
  • Lower Risk of Depression, Anger and Irritability
  • Improve Concentration
  • Increase Positive Thinking
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Facilitate Personal Growth
  • Normalize Blood Pressure
  • Improve Immmune Function
  • Slow Aging Processes
  • Reduce Anxiety, Burnout, and Stress Related Disorders
  • Promote Relaxation Throughout the Day
  • Decrease Insomnia
  • Calm the Emotions and Experience Tranquility
  • Learn to Life in the Moment
  • Improve the Quality of Life
  • Build Inner Warrior Strength
  • Expand Your Consciousness
  • Increase Your Connections and Understanding of Others