The Important Elements of a Relaxing Bedroom

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2023

Bedrooms have a huge impact on our mental health. Your bedroom is the first thing you see each morning and the last thing you see at night. A cluttered, messy room can contribute to stress and anxiety; that’s not a great way to start your day.

Besides the obvious advice of a comfortable mattress, soft bedding, and soothing colors, there are calming details you can add. Here are some important elements to incorporate into your bedroom to create a more relaxing space.

Soft Lighting

Harsh white light isn’t relaxing or soothing. When you’re trying to relax and unwind before bed, overly harsh light can keep you up and prevent your brain from producing the chemicals that make you sleepy.

Add soft white or golden light to your bedroom space to prevent this. Dimmable lamps are a great option to lower lighting levels the closer you get to sleep. For a more aesthetic option, try adding fairy or string lights to your space.

Relaxing Fragrances

You’re likely already familiar with the benefits of essential oils. You can add relaxing fragrances like lavender or chamomile to a diffuser or apply them to the edge of your pillowcase to promote relaxation, soothe anxiety, and encourage restful sleep.
Incense is another great option if you enjoy rich scents, such as patchouli. If the fragrance of incense is too overpowering, try a candle with a relaxing scent.
Flowers can also add a subtle fragrance to your bedroom while looking beautiful! You can’t go wrong with adding gorgeous flowers like these. Dried sprigs of lavender or other blooms will also look stunning in a vase and add a soft scent.

Cozy Elements

Your bedroom is for rest and sleep. Unlike your living room, which you can use for socialization or chores, your bedroom is for relaxation. Because of this, there’s no reason to hold back on adding as many cozy and snuggly elements as your heart desires.

Comfy blankets, throw pillows, or even a plushie or two can help make your bedroom feel cozy. Plush rugs can complete the bedroom by adding something cozy underfoot and tying the overall design together. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be aesthetic—most guests won’t even see your bedroom. This is a space just for you!

If you include these important elements in your bedroom, you’re sure to have a relaxing space in no time.



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