How To Revamp Your Home Office Into the Ultimate Zen Workspace

Your workspace is a place of work, but why can’t it be a calming, beautiful space? You may spend about eight hours or so sitting at your home office during a remote workday, so the room should reflect the positive moods you want to feel. Learn about how to revamp your home office into the ultimate workspace to have a more enjoyable and relaxing workday.

An Office That Feels Like You

Although it is a place of work, no matter what items you buy for your office should still fit your aesthetic. Find a functional desk with some character, or add some soothing wall décor that makes you happy to walk into your workspace in the mornings.
If you really want to go all out, consider buying a comfy rug or a small reading chair in another part of the room. Taking breaks is an essential part of your workday. Having another place to sit and take a moment to breathe is great for developing motivation and increasing your productivity.


Incorporating Essential Oils

When the air is feeling stale and your stress is high, consider incorporating essential oils into your humidifier or diffuser. Therapeutic grade essential oils may help bring you improved moods and relaxation during a stressful day. You can also mix your oils with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) and use it as a moisturizer for your hands, body and face.

The easiest and quickest way to use them is simply breathing-in the oils right out of the bottle, which also helps you take deeper and fuller breaths, creating similar benefits to a breathing meditation practice (pranayama).

Quick Internet Speed

Nothing is more frustrating than opening your Internet browser and waiting for 20 minutes for one page to load. When you’re up and ready to work, you want your Internet to be ready too. A slow Internet speed will only cause you to get behind on work and make you feel less productive about your day. Consider adding to your broadband network to improve Internet speeds and minimize your stress. 

Positive Energy and Vibrations

Working and living in your home should make you feel happy, positive, and safe. One way to improve these feelings is to raise the vibrations in your home to make it a better place to live, sleep, and spend your free time. Once you learn how to raise these vibrations, you’ll clear your home of negative energy while making room for new, positive energy to enter. This transforms your home into a safe oasis where you feel content. These Great Ways to Clean Your Home’s Energy and Raise Your Vibrations will shift your thoughts, your focus, and your surroundings to a higher level for optimum happiness at home. 


A Proper Desk and Chair

If we're going to talk about raising vibrations, we must also remember the basics! If you don’t already have a functional desk or a comfy chair, get yourself one! These items may seem like expensive, unnecessary purchases, but when you’re working from a home office, it’s more important than you think. Having the proper desk and chair can increase your motivation; it can also create a close simulation to working in an office.


Workdays can be full of stress and worries that you cannot control regardless of where you’re working from. The plus side of working from home is that you get to create your office exactly the way you want. It’s your dream office that offers you the things a typical office couldn’t. Consider these tips about how to revamp your home office into the ultimate workspace, and you’ll be on your way to having more productive and relaxing workdays.

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