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Become a Certified Reiki Master, Chakra and Energy Healing Practitioner with The Energy Healing Academy!

This program will blow you away. Through a 6-month mentorship with top Reiki Master & Conscious Business Coach, Corene Summers, you’ll become a Certified Reiki Master Teacher as well as a Certified Chakra & Energy Healing Practitioner. You will learn how to run a successful 21st century soul and spirit-driven business, plus gain access to 250+ plug-and-play client resources, meditation scripts, ritual guides, corporate wellness presentations and more in The Cosmic Content Vault that can be used with your future clients and for easy content creation. Through The Cosmic Coven you will also benefit from an incredible community of other warrior soulpreneurs from around the globe who are also stepping-up and showing-up to be the change they want to see in the world. And guess what? We have a seat open just for you...

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Host a "Mind-Fitness" Workshop or Event for Your Workplace

These wellness workshops are designed to cultivate conscious & compassionate leaders. Through a series of 30-minute well-being & mindfulness sessions we will  unleash: Powerful Mindsets, Powerful Focus, Powerful Restoration & Powerful Purpose

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Book a Blissful Reiki & Chakra Mini-Retreat (Plus Energy Analysis!)

Discover where you may be out of balance & learn specific techniques to cleanse & protect yourself from negative, toxic energy as well as to cultivate positive energy, enhance your subtle energy field & improve overall wellbeing. Learn more...

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Expand Your Mind with "The Frequency Shifters Show"!

Corene & Alex interview experts on everything from "what is frequency" to the schumann resonance, sound healing, sacred geometry, pyramids, vortexes & megalithic sites, Ayurveda, quantum physics, Reiki, EMF's, multidimensionality & beyond...

Listen to the Frequency Shifters Podcast Here!

Hi! I'm so honored that you landed here and excited to meet you...

I would love to hear about your unique healing & awakening journey and your biggest visions for the future one of these days, send me a note here anytime.

My healing/awakening and entrepreneurial journey has been intense, as they typically go... I founded Artisan Faramcy in 2016 after a long period of struggling through multiple traumas involving death & loss, family conflict, corporate burnout, a divorce and a cocktail of corresponding health issues, including the triple threat of opportunistic environmental illnesses: chronic Lyme disease, MCAS & mold illness (fun times!)

Luckily, life now days looks a little different! I've coached 100,000+ incredible humans, built 50+ brand partnerships and collaborations, have a top 5% performing podcast and hosted 150+ live wellness events. I have grown my combined network to over 40,000 and 75,000+ monthly content views. I am a writer, corporate wellness coach and public speakerI'm still healing, but 70% of my symptoms are already in remission, woot woot!!! 

As mentioned, I'm always open to connecting so reach out anytime! And click here to read more about my healing / entrepreneurial journey and view my coaching credentials. Much LOVE 🖤 

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Amanda Torres
Assistant State Attorney

"Corene’s guidance, support, wisdom & overall positivity has been so inspiring & important for me as I navigate murky waters, tough and emotionally triggering times. I never considered myself a meditation person or placed much value on what it could do for me. Since working with her, I finally feel like I’m transforming in ways I didn’t think possible. And I actually love meditating! She helped me tap into something I never knew was there. Grateful for you Corene. You are a warrior healer spirit who inspires me and so many others every day, and I don’t know what I would do without you!"

Alex Terranova
Author, Media Producer and Executive Coach

"Corene Summers is a wizard of wellbeing! Seriously. I love her. Not only is she brilliance, love, kindness and power, but she knows her stuff. Her meditations are poweful. Her diets are healthy, simple, yet effective. But more than anything she cares a ton about those she works with. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their life!"

Howard Ebison
Business Executive & Entrepreneur

"This integrated approach across diet, exercise and mindfulness is the ideal package for the busy executive. I cannot recommend enough! Corene’s expert knowledge combined with her supportive coaching techniques helped me develop new skills to improve my well-being, effectiveness and enhanced my ability to manage pressure in professional and personal life. Additionally, I sleep much better than I ever have previously - a much appreciated benefit!"

Jeanette Ventura
Business Development & Relationship Management Executive

"Corene took me on a journey that ultimately changed me for the better. She dedicated the time to understanding me and was better able to identify my needs than I was. She is thoughtful, patient, and encouraging, and she exudes positivity. I cannot imagine a better coach."

holistic meditation coaching

The Art of Optimizing Your Sleep Course

  • High-impact rituals and techniques for healthy sleep
  • Optimize sleep cycles for quality over quantity
  • Discover the art of total relaxation
View Sleep Course
vibration healing therapy

Cultivate a Powerful Mind Course

  • Master your thoughts and magnify your personal power
  • Transform your mind and brain health
  • Cultivate positivity, clarity & focus that feels natural
View Mindset Course
vibrational healing

Master Your Stress & Anxiety Course

  • Conquer feelings of overwhelm, burnout, fear & hopelessness
  • Powerful 5-minute stress busters for anytime, anywhere
  • Flow with greater ease of being through daily life
View Stress Course

The Art of Optimizing Your Sleep Course

  • Healthy sleep hacks & techniques
  • Optimize sleep quality over quantity
  • Learn the art of total relaxation
Access to 8 Lessons Loaded with High Impact Rituals & Techniques
View Sleep Course

Cultivate a Powerful Mind Course

  • Master your thought power
  • Improve your mind & brain health
  • Cultivate positivity, clarity & focus
Access to 8 Lessons Loaded with High Impact Rituals & Techniques
View Mindset Course

Master Your Stress & Anxiety Course

  • Conquer overwhelm & burnout
  • Powerful 5-minute stress busters
  • Flow with ease through daily life
Access to 8 Lessons Loaded with High Impact Rituals & Techniques
View Stress Course

Free Energy Library: All Things Frequency, Ancient Wisdom, Chakras, Higher Consciousness + Monthly Reiki Meditation 

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