4 Special Trees and What We Can Learn from Their Meanings

Trees are one of the first things you notice as you look out into the world, but you may not think much about them. Believe it or not, they’ve been here on earth longer than we have, and they’ve provided shelter, food, and beauty to humans and wildlife since the beginning of time.

Nature is truly medicine that works for all mental and emotional ailments, and the power and wisdom of trees is no exception. We are all deeply rooted in nature, whether we feel it or not; and getting back to the source has been proven to calm the nervous system, regulate heartrate and slow down our brainwave frequency toward the theta state. 

So it turns out us hippies may be onto something and you may want to start a practice of tree hugging to connect with the healing vibrations of nature. Keep reading to explore four different trees and their special meanings...


Bodhi Trees

Native to India, Nepal, Pakistan, and other regions, Bodhi trees are among the most iconic trees in the world. Because the Buddha gained his enlightenment while sitting under this tree, it now symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment. You may find Bodhi trees planted around Buddhist temples to signify sacred grounds.

This tree teaches us the importance of creating intentional sacred space, which allows us the time to be still and go inward. 

Oak Trees

You may have heard the term mighty oak, and it’s for good reason. Oak trees are beautiful and resilient; in fact, many people refer to them as the most powerful trees. Remarkably, oak trees are a symbol of protection, stability, courage, and power, making them an incredible addition to any property. If you want to grow your own, you may need a guide to growing a mighty oak tree to ensure its health and longevity.

This tree reminds us to stand strong and grounded in our roots and values, and to show-up each day with courage.

Redwood Trees

Redwood trees are incredibly large, and they can survive almost anything. These gorgeous trees are native to parts of California and Oregon because of the ideal growing conditions. Interestingly, redwood trees symbolize strength, resiliency, and vitality. These trees can withstand forest fires that other plant species can’t, and they live for hundreds of years.

This tree teaches us the importance of patience and building resilience over time as we overcome life's challenges.


Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are absolutely beautiful, with their large canopies and light pink blossoms. While they make for an incredible addition to your property, they also have a much deeper meaning. Cherry trees symbolize luck, good fortune, adoration, romance, and happiness. They’re remarkably prominent in Japanese culture, but cherry trees can thrive in many different locations.

This tree reminds us to recognize the beauty, joy and opportunities in the world around us every day!

After learning about these four different trees and their special meanings, you can see that nature is a beautiful thing that plays a significant role in our lives. Whether or not you plant one of these on your property, you’ll be able to feel peace and appreciate their meanings when you see these trees out in nature.


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