Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Relationships, Empowerment and Self Worth


Hi everyone!

I believe that when we are in-flow and harmony with nature, we are more in-flow and harmony in our lives, relationships and businesses. We can always use the current themes reflected in the cycles of nature as reminders of what to focus on in our self-growth, as witnessed through the changes and elemental movements of the seasons, the earth, the air, the sea and the stars. As above, so below...

Remember we are nature, too! Ancient practices and philosophies such as Ayurveda, Astrology, Alchemy, Yoga, Meditation, etc. are based on this principle and can help us stay in-tune and shift our frequency back into balance as we flow through life's continuous changes.

The current energy is focused a lot around relationships right now and how we interact, share, give, receive and the overall exchange energies with others. So this video (which includes a meditative journaling practice!) may be useful to help you gain insight or make your way to clarity on any of your relationships you may be called to give attention right now, whether they are a romantic partner, a friend or related to your social, business & collaborative partnerships.

Soulpreneurs: time to focus on building your soul-aligned community! These journal prompts will help you consider what hasn't been working for your highest good and what isn't aligned verses what you are ready to claim as your worth and call-in/create/manifest now.

Click "play" above to watch the 30-minute replay video from our Cosmic Coven Meeting for Soulpreneurs on 10/20/22. 

And here is a quick overview of some of the current energy themes that are discussed in the video which, as mentioned, also includes a meditation and journaling exercise around relationships...

  *RELATIONSHIPS: This energy is focused all around relationships right now and how we interact, share, give, receive and the overall exchange energies with others (romantic, friendship, social, business & collaborative partnerships)

*Balancing the energies of Divine Feminine (DF) & Divine Masculine (DM) - push and pull between these two forces and mother natures call for HARMONY

*New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on 10/25 *Venus Starpoint with Libra (Venus & DF energy in her FULLNESS/empowerment)

*Energy period from Oct 22nd-25th influenced by Scorpio & Libra relational energies

*What we need to receive in order to feel love, how we give love, offer love, etc.

*Venus feminine energy, feeling empowered and deeply worthy of being seen for who you really are

*Scorpio negative themes verses Scorpio in-power themes

*Facing your fears and limitations with new convictions around your own power

*Solar Eclipse & New Moon Scorpio journal prompts for EMPOWERMENT 🔥🔥


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I hope you enjoy the video, please let me know what resonates with you in the comments there! 

🤍 Love your fellow frequency shifter, Corene

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