The Ultimate Guide to the Archangels and How to Call On Their Energies

This upcoming The Ultimate Guide to the Archangels Workshop will teach you about the unique traits of each Archangel, how to recognize them, how to call on them and techniques to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and intuition.

Angels are benevolent celestial beings or “light beings” endowed with beauty and superior intelligence who act as intermediaries between God and Creation. Almost every religion or culture references guardian beings who guide and protect us throughout life and/or features the angel in some form, making them a familiar archetype within society. 

Archetypes, such as the Archangels, symbolize the essence of an idea or concept. We can invoke these archetypes and their characteristics into our lives by making space to honor them or by giving form to them in some way through intentional thoughts, rituals and actions.

In Christianity, Islam and later Judaism, angels exist in a hierarchy with Archangels such as Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel; these are the four most common Archangels who also represent the 4 elements and 4 directions (join the upcoming workshop to find out which angel represents each element, direction & more!)

They are known as divine messengers and representatives of goodness and light that can be called on to help in times of crisis or despair. The angel is usually believed to protect the divine order of things on earth and restore the balance between good and evil when others are in trouble and need assistance, acting as their guide until they make it through whatever challenge they are facing.

Join me for this workshop to learn about the Top 11 Archangel Archetypes:

  1. Michael - The great protector, described in several sacred texts to possess great strength, power, and courage, they represent spiritual protection and cleansing.
  2. Gabriel - The divine messenger, their ultimate gift is to pass messages from God/the divine ones, governing communication, strength, and beginnings.
  3. Raphael - The Patron of the sick, they promote better health and healing, aiding with suffering in the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical plaines.
  4. Uriel - Known in sacred texts as the angel who warned Noah of the great flood, their priority is to enlighten our minds with new ideas, epiphanies, insights and intellectual pursuits.
  5. Haniel - Embodies divine feminine energy and intuition with connections to Kali, Lillith, Venus, the moon & the powerful side of the feminine archetype, balanced with grace.
  6. Metatron - Aids in the healing and clearing of negative energies, protecting spaces, clearing negative thoughts and encouraging positive thoughts.
  7. Jophiel - Helps us see and appreciate beauty in ourselves, others & the world as well as healing negativity, insecurity and chaotic or “ugly” situations.
  8. Raziel - Embodies divine wisdom, psychic abilities, spirituality and can aid in conscious entrepreneurship.
  9. Sandelphon - Sends messages through music to bring clarity around a topic, answer specific questions, provide healing or to wake you the F up.
  10. Ariel - The lioness of God, a powerful yet gentle overseer of environmental causes, animals and can help with your physical needs such as shelter, money, and supplies. 
  11. Azrael - Deals with death, grief, consolation, endings, transitions and answering questions of whether or not something should end.

Click here to sign-up and join me on October 12th LIVE for a workshop on the Archangel Archetypes will teach you about the unique traits of each Archangel, how to recognize them, how to call on them and techniques to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and intuition.


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