Let's Get PowHerful with Kayla Osterhoff, MPH, PhDc | Episode 3 The Frequency Shifters Show


The Frequency Shifters Show- Episode 3

Join Corene Summers, founder of Artisan Farmacy and Reiki Master, and her cohost Alex Terranova, founder of DreamMason and Author of Fictional Authenticity, as they sit down with Kayla Osterhoff, MPH, PhDc.

Kayla is a health scientist, professional athlete, entrepreneur, health optimization practitioner, and a global leader in integrative mind-body medicine. She is formally trained across the spectrum of health sciences with a bachelor of science in health ecology, master of science in public health, and currently pursuing her doctoral degree in neuropsychophysiology and biochemistry.

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On this episode we discuss:


-Reality is bio individual and there is not one reality

-Raising vibrations

-Neuropsychophisiology and biochemistry

-Lessons learning in 2020 and the lessons we want to learn in 2021

-Optimizing women's health

-Wearable technology

-"What gets measured gets done"


Thanks for listening! 


You can connect with today's guest Kayla Osterhoff here:

Website: www.biocuriouskayla.com and HerBiorhythm.com

Instagram: @biocurious_kayla


You can connect with Corene Summers here:

Website: www.artisanfarmacy.com

Instagram: @artisanfarmacy


You can connect with Alex Terranova here:

Website: www.TheDreamMason.com

Instagram: @InspirationalAlex


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