Cosmic Coven Meeting for the June New Moon in Cancer

The Cancer New Moon is this Tuesday, June 28th, 2022... and it's supposed to be the best new moon of the year to start something new and meaningful to you!

Have you registered for the New Moon Cosmic Coven Meeting yet? It's going down at 5pm EST on Tuesday. 

At our new moon circle (zoom meeting style) you will have an opportunity to share what new and meaningful things you are MANIFESTING & CALLING-IN to your life and business right now!!!

This is powerful because our intentions are amplified when we speak them out loud -- plus extra magical bonus points when they are also shared within intentional community with others.

Come learn more about energy healing techniques, explore a bit of magic and esoteric wisdom in our new moon meditation + ritual, plus expand your soul family with fellow star aligned badasses who are raising the frequency of humanity and the planet!

There will be a chance to network and meet everyone a bit, because who doesn't need fellow spiritual warriors who have their back? (and who obviously indulge them in talking about healing, metaphysics, retrieving your Akashic records and aliens ;)

You will have a chance to share whatever you like from the following with our cosmic community and be uplifted by all:

  • what you need support in the most right now
  • any opportunities or collabs you may have to share with others
  • your website & social media links, so we can support & lift each other up (because every dollar spent is an energetic investment demonstrating your alignment / what you're manifesting... let's spend with intention!)
  • what you are manifesting and calling-in to your life and spiritual/wellness business right now

Remember to forward this invite your fellow soulpreneur friends! 


Register Here:


- Hope to see you light warriors there - Love, Corene


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