The Optimal Vibrations with Jay Taylor | Episode 4 The Frequency Shifters Show


The Frequency Shifters Show- Episode 4

Join Corene Summers, founder of Artisan Farmacy and Reiki Master, and her cohost Alex Terranova, founder of DreamMason and Author of Fictional Authenticity, as they sit down with Jay Taylor.

Jay Taylor is a facilitator of sound meditation in and around Chicago. Over the past 3 years he has offered over 700 meditations serving hospitals, addiction centers, non-profits, community centers, yoga communities, health clubs and spas, and corporate clients. His latest endeavor is the co-creation of the Ahimsa School of Sound Healing with a mission of empowering people to utilize vibrational tools for personal expression and healing.

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On this episode we discuss:

-Sound resonance, frequency and vibration

-What is the optimal vibration

-How music can support people to create optimal level of performance

-Impact of sound healing on the atomic nervous system

-Other types of sound healing

-Theta brainwaves

-How to use sound in your daily life

-The power of intention

-What happens and how we respond


For the Bodhi Bonus: Singing Bowl Meditations: crystal-tones


You can connect with Jay Taylor here:


Instagram: @currentvibrations


You can connect with Corene Summers here:


Instagram: @artisanfarmacy


You can connect with Alex Terranova here:


Instagram: @InspirationalAlex


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