Tips for Planning an Autumn Equinox Celebration Ritual or Party

This celestial event has been celebrated by ancient civilizations and used as a manifestation portal for as long as we have documented history.

The Autumn Equinox harmoniously offers us an opportunity to create ceremony and open our own gateway for transformation, letting go of what no longer serves us and creating the space for rebirth, balance and harmony, coherence and discovery. This event is celebrated across the world and can be the perfect time to celebrate the fall season. 

It's the perfect time to shed what didn't work this last season and empower ourselves with intention to attract what we desire to create in the next cycle!

Traditionally, people used this event to celebrate their harvests for the year, creating some fun events. You can join in these traditional celebrations, and these tips will help you plan the best autumnal equinox party possible.

Plan Harvest Meals

One of the best things about the autumn equinox is that it’s around the time farmers will harvest all their best crops. This means you can get some amazing foods for these meals that you couldn’t get any other time. Try to buy food from nearby local places to use the fresh foods of the fall harvest. 

Decorate Your Home for Fall

Outside the artwork you create, there are plenty of fall themes you can use to make your party best represent the fall season. From Halloween decorations to the beautiful array of colors on autumn leaves, you can make your party look festive. That’s why one important tip for an autumnal equinox party is to put up decorations that represent what fall means to you, and you’ll have a successful party.
This is how you can plan the best party and have a good time with your friends and family this autumn equinox. With delicious food and amazing decorations around, you’ll have a great time, and you’ll have people asking you to host the next party as well.

Create an Equinox "Altar"

An Equinox altar is simply a sacred space you create that represents your intentions and your connection with God, with nature, as well as your own highest self.

  • Incorporate symbols that represent balance and harvest. You could use raw items found in nature (like branches, fall leaves, flowers, pinecones, acorns, pumpkin or gourds, etc.) - take a nature walk & see what inspires you!
  • Use items to represent the elements (earth, fire, air, water, ether)
  • Use other high-frequency items such as incense, smudges and sacred herbs, candles, essential oils and room sprays, crystals, religious books/symbols or anything else that represents your specific intention.


Make Some Harvest Art

The fall equinox is special, and people have created art from the inspiration it brings with it. Making this art can be a great way to decorate and adorn your party with something unique and special. Use natural elements and create artwork that you feel best represents fall and this special harvest time to create.

Plan a Party

When planning a larger gathering there may be special foods, activities and decorations and you may need some additional party basics to make it a true success. That’s why knowing a good party planning checklist you can follow is also important. 


And as always, be uniquely YOU as you explore ways to release what doesn't serve you and set powerful intentions for your next cycle of life ahead as we transition into the fall season. 


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