3 Gemstones To Give You a Spiritual Glow-Up

As you celebrate your transformative glow-up in appearance and status, it’s easy to overlook what spiritual glow may be missing from within. The spirit is the energy you project into the world and what harmonizes the body and mind. If you’re on a spiritual journey to find a newer self, it may be time to seek the healing powers of natural gemstones. Explore the symbolism of these three gemstones to give you a spiritual glow-up.


The amethyst is a semiprecious gemstone that symbolizes healing of the spirit and restoring inner peace. The amethyst has various purple tones and provides internal calmness and spiritual cleansing. If you need a sense of renewal from a troubled time, this gemstone can provide you with the security to restart after a setback and ground you in times of self-doubt.

Rose Quartz

Out of all the gemstones to give you a spiritual glow-up, the rose quartz is the perfect gemstone to welcome in love. The rose quartz symbolizes self-love and the unconditional love you harbor for others as a spouse, mother, or friend. In fact, rose quartz is a crystal that every mother should have. It’s a soft pink gemstone that encourages an openness in all the relationships you foster, even the one with yourself, and helps lift your spirit to support a glow-up that comes from the heart.

Black Onyx

The black onyx is a powerful stone to channel your inner strength and willpower. The black onyx is a silicate stone condensed into quartz material. It symbolizes perseverance and a sense of being grounded to energize your spirit and empower you to continue moving forward. Utilize the vibrations of black onyx to shield yourself from negative energy and heal spiritual wounds.

When you feel your spirit is seeking change, it’s time to allow it to bring you closer to your personal truth. If you’re in search of a spiritual glow-up, discover the healing and meditative properties of gemstones. The power in gemstones isn’t only in their aesthetic but their way of resonating with your inner self and empowering you through your spiritual journey.


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