4 Ways To Use Color To Enhance Your Mood

Soothe your soul with a tranquil blue, channel your spirituality with purple, and strengthen your connection to the earth with brown. Colors embody various meanings which correspond to and affect your emotions. Discovering different methods to channel sentiments through colors allows you to amplify daily experiences and improve your mental well-being. Here are four ways to use color to enhance your mood.

Wall Paint

If you spend a lot of time indoors, an easy way to incorporate color into your life is through wall paint. Sitting in a dark and dreary or plain and hollow room for hours can make anyone stir crazy. Create new atmospheres by painting your walls in shades that express your desired intentions. Popular wall color choices include blue to generate a calming space, tan for warmth and security, green to evoke growth, cool grays for sophistication, and beiges to channel simplicity.

Clothing Items

Clothes provide a fun and stylish form of expression that you can tap into every day. Like painting your walls, you can surround yourself with a particular atmosphere with the colors you wear. People often dress in lighter shades for a more airy and cheerful ambiance, while others choose darker tones for more serious occasions and moods. Wearing certain colored clothing items also highlights different aspects of your personality. Understanding what the color you wear says about you allows you to explore your identity and current emotions from a new perspective.

Art Pieces

Artwork can tap into certain emotions, impacting people through visual sensors. Creating and displaying art pieces that embody the moods you want to attract helps you assimilate those feelings. Witnessing two colors balancing and blending into one another can exude feelings of harmony as the two colors merge into one. On the other end of the spectrum, darker shades and isolated colors entice feelings of confinement and loneliness.

Different Crystals

Varying crystals possess different representations and attract specific energies. The type of crystal and its color connect to spiritual essences and moods intended to heal users. Amethysts showcase a dazzling deep violet color known for channeling peace, cleansing, and calming energies that heal anxieties and fear. Jades consist of shades of green, embodying purity and serenity. Choosing crystals by their color properties and incorporating them around your home or as jewelry invites those specific energies into your life. 

Colors illuminate spaces with life and heighten emotions. They even have the power to brighten someone’s day. Using these four ways to use color to enhance your mood provides you with more resources to care for and tune into your mental well-being.


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