Try This At Home! 🌕 DIY Fall Equinox Ritual & Self-Meditation to Set Intentions

Happy Equinox, soul fam! How are you feeling? 

As a collective and individually, all around the world, there have been some heavy emotions and traumas heating up and bubbling to the surface these past few months and now finally spilling over (a symbolic connection with the La Palma volcano eruption this week, now that I think about it)... 

Great news, though: things must always rise to the surface and sometimes you gotta really feel it before it can be healed and released (yep always, no loopholes). Which means when some negative energy, challenge or even physical pain is bubbling up and spilling-over uncontrollably... congratulations, you're getting closer to the release part if you play your cards right. You will make it to the other side.

The fall Equinox harmoniously arrived today (September 22, 2021) to offer us an opportunity to create ceremony and open our own Gateway for rebirth, balance and harmony, coherence, equanimity and discovery. Equinox has been celebrated and used as a manifestation portal by ancient civilizations through modern times. It's the perfect time to shed what didn't work this last season & buddy-up with our reliable ol' companion (::drumroll please::) ...INTENTION... to draw-in what we desire and want to create in the next cycle.

But before we dive-in, take a few deep breaths in & out and know you're not alone in whatever you're feeling. Also know that there is no better time than right now to let go of control and surrender to the natural flow of whatever is occurring. Chances are, any volcanoes erupting in your life look a bit familiar. It's most likely a repeated cycle arising once more to show its ugly head and ask you right in the face:


Personally, I'm done being stubborn and ready to let it go for good, what about you? The positive energy is already here and the shifts are happening quickly, so I say we take another deep breath, relax and leap together...  

This special step-by-step DIY at-home Equinox ritual checklist and intentions self-meditation can be practiced on your own at home to set the tone for this next cycle of life and humanity. Choose to go solo-mission or grab your partner, your entire family, a group of soulmate friends or whoever you wish to join you on the journey.

Fall Equinox September 2021 Checklist:

--> You do not have to do all of these, but choose a few that speak to you and create your own unique ritual! Focus on your 3 intentional words (***read about this in the self-meditation below) as you move through each part of your personally-tailored experience. 

  • #1: GET OUTSIDE and enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer!, in whatever way your heart desires! Pause. Breathe. Open all your senses. Say thank you. 
  • Journal Prompts:
    • What areas of my life are lacking balance and harmony? Why? Try to dig into the deeper root causes, tracing it back to origin.
    • What emotions are present when I think about these areas? 
    • Am I ready to let them go? What actions and mental shifts would that require?
    • What do I desire and want to create most over this next season? 
    • What actions and mindset shifts are required to get me there? 
    • You could also use an affirmations journal & practice over the coming months to support this area of continued growth and abundance.
  • Create an Equinox "altar": An Equinox altar is simply a sacred space you create that represents your intentions and your connection with God, with nature, as well as your own highest self.
    • Incorporate symbols that represent balance and harvest. You could use raw items found in nature (like branches, fall leaves, flowers, pinecones, acorns, pumpkin or gourds, etc.) - take a nature walk & see what inspires you!
    • Use items to represent the elements (earth, fire, air, water, ether)
    • Use other high-frequency items such as incense, smudges and sacred herbs, candles, essential oils and room sprays, crystals, religious books/symbols or anything else that represents your specific intention.
  • Self-Care: 
  • Above all, remember that the fall Equinox is a time of celebration, balance, and gratitude. How else can you celebrate the  season of life you're stepping into?


Fall Equinox September 2021 Self-Meditation Practice:

If you could pick THREE WORDS to represent your intentions for the next month or season ahead, what would they be? I'll start. Mine are: harmony, consistency and faith. Choose your 3 and then meditate on these qualities for 30 minutes sometime during this powerful Equinox (can still benefit over the next few weeks, but ideally on

Try to be offline (phone connections turned OFF) and somewhere in nature if possible. Breathe slowly and deeply, allowing each exhale to be a release of something / letting go. Allow each inhale to be a feeling of empowerment, enhancing and drawing-in what you want to manifest or create in this next cycle.

Then start to imagine your life a few months from now, as-if all of these 3 intentions / intentional words had come true. What would life look like? Use as much detail as possible in your imagination, inviting all of your senses to co-create the visualization and clearly see what you want to manifest. Play-it-out like scenes of your daily life occurring in a movie - but as-if the goal(s) have already been achieved in the present. 


I would love to hear your 3 intentional words and help put positive energy towards them for you!!! Feel free to send me an email and share what you chose as your words/intention for the meditation... I would love to connect with you!

If we keep working together, and separately, to be beacons of love and light in our families and communities we will show others there is another way through this and for metamorphosis to happen with desires and intentions for freedom, harmony, compassion, peace and love as the driving forces. We got this. 


In love, light, and with big hugs, Corene

Questions, comments or simply want to connect? Reach out here anytime: [email protected]


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