How To Add a Touch of Nature and the Earth Element to Your Home

Strengthen your bond with Mother Nature and invite her into your home. Spending time in nature creates a healing effect; It boosts serotonin, feels comfortable, and offers so much beauty and serenity to savor. Adding touches of nature into your home brings those same serene comfort you feel outdoors indoors and broadens Mother Nature’s nurturing grasp into your sacred space.


Burn Sacred Herbs

Sage and Smudges

Sage is a natural plant and one of the most sacred herbs that has been used for cleansing rituals and in ceremonies around the world, for thousands of years. When burned, sage bundles (called smudges) release earthy, calming scents, bringing more of Mother Nature’s touch wafting into the air in your home. Like crystals, sage paired with various other herbs in smudges are also known for various well-being properties. Through the power of intention they may cleanse and purify your space, remove sluggishness and energize, attract positivity and cultivate healing energy. 

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is an aromatic natural wood essence, burned similarly to incense and sage, which releases an uplifting aroma of pine notes, lemon and mint.  It was known for centuries by the Incas and other indigenous cultures as "Holy wood" and used as a cleansing and spiritual remedy. Shamans and healers (Curanderos) traditionally used palo santo wood essence as a purification tool and to rid physical spaces (or individuals) of negative energies, unwanted spirits and other energetic blockages.

Use Natural Wood Elements

Wood Floors:

Create a solid foundation for your connection with Mother Earth and install wood floors. Wooden floors provide a healthier, natural, and durable flooring option compared to other flooring selections. Opting for engineered wood also offers a more sustainable and eco-conscious choice. Plus, it features some of the many properties that make the best flooring options for your kitchen. There are multiple wood species to explore. Each offers different comforts, ambiances, designs, and textures that symbolize nature and exude earthy qualities.

 Exposed Beams

Like wooden floors, exposed beams and other natural wood elements bring nature indoors and connect you with the earth element. They add aesthetics and pay homage to the strength and protection Mother Nature exemplifies as they hold your ceiling high, ensuring your head stays covered. Looking up at exposed beams also recreates the feeling of feeling small at the bottom of the trunk of a large tree stretching to the sky in the woods.


Incorporate Indoor Plants

Bring the greenery inside and create an indoor jungle with a cacophony of indoor plants. The more diverse your selection, the more akin your indoor jungle is to the wilds. Many types of plants are perfect for indoor living, like cacti, golden pothos, peace lily, and majesty palms. Plus, creating an indoor herb garden lets you bring nature into your home and provides a practical function. Improve your green thumb with these tips on caring for indoor plants!


Display Your Crystals

Nature features a range of natural elements. Although not the first thing to come to mind, rocks also represent and are a part of nature. Displaying crystals around your home adds some variation to your indoor nature collection. They also offer plenty of appealing qualities and contain healing and energy properties that further benefit you and your home. 


Adding nature into your home transforms your space into a healing sanctuary. A place where you can continue to connect with Mother Earth and embrace her nurturing and comforting qualities.


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