Finding the Perfect One: How To Discover Your Crystal

With so many crystals in the world, each with unique benefits, you may find it confusing to select the right crystal for you. For many, crystals have a healing effect, and each of the crystals has a differing meaning and impact for different people. Use these tips to learn how to discover your crystal and find the perfect one for your needs! 

Focus on the Stone’s Properties

Each crystal can heal various aspects of your being, whether instilling confidence or granting much-needed serenity. However, as you dive into the world of crystals, consider which areas of your life you want to focus on in the immediate future. There are a variety of stones associated with balancing chakras, a practice that improves your overall well-being. That said, some stones have more specific uses. Moonstone and morganite are among some stones that protect travelers, for example.

Work With the Crystal That You Have

If you haven't found the right crystal for you and you feel you need more healing, you can change the energy of the crystal you have by working with it. Since it has energy and consists of different elements that react to its surroundings, it can act as a jumping-off point for your healing journey. Quartz is one example of a highly versatile and receptive stone.

Many of the essential oils and sprays in the Artisan Farmacy shop are crystal infused for an added bonus! One great way to incorporate crystals into your daily routine is by using this crystal infused Self Love Mist in your room and on your body!

Follow Your Intuition

Many crystal owners choose their guiding stones using intuition. Whether drawn by colors, energy, or for some, magnitude, your subconscious mind can direct you to a stone that heals. If possible, spend time handling the stone. If you don’t feel any connection to it, forgo the listed properties and keep searching. It’s important for you to engage with the stone for it to offer any benefits.

If you are still wondering how to discover your crystal and what goes into finding the perfect one for your needs, know that this process can take time. You may want to check out this Guide to Powerful Crystals & Their Meaning for additional information! Not every stone continues to impact your well-being each day, as your needs change with each step forward. If you remain flexible, curious, and receptive, crystals can play a positive role in your healing journey.



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