How to Balance the Energies of Libra, Vata and Harvest Season

Libra energy is all about creating balance and harmony, beauty, charm, elegance (ruled by the planet venus) and cultivating a life that both looks and feels good!

This zodiac sign (and the entire fall harvest) is connected to the Air Element,  which also correlates it to the Vata Dosha in the ancient practice of Ayurveda - a fitting match for this blustery autumn season of movement and transition.

In honor of the New Moon in Libra, the fall Equinox, Harvest Season and my recent birthday (Virgo sun, Taurus moon & Libra rising over here. what about you?!) I'm inviting you to treat yourself with natures medicine to restore harmony in mind-body-spirit as we flow into the next cycle of our experience.

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The key positive qualities of air/vata energy include the intellect, communication, motivation and action as well as being analytical, curious, alert, outgoing and fun-loving, and there is a common passion for social justice and seeking fairness in the world. All motion/action (manifestation and creation) are a result of the air element.

When out of balance however, these airy, windy qualities can bring too much anxiety, stimulus, over-thinking/analyzing, worrying and chaos to your life - as well as clumsiness, forgetfulness, running late and possible accidents caused by living caught-up in your world of thoughts instead of living in the present moment.

Most westerners are out of balance in air/vata due to our high-stimulus society driven by technology, instant gratification, consumerism, a widespread obsession with information and progression, and now burnout from pandemic life and a sedentary lifestyle. It is short-circuiting a lot of people. 

Control and resistance prevent flow and harmony (therefore manifestation). Giving up control and emotionally surrendering to "what is" leads to the highest manifestations and realizations of motion (air) towards our goals; this requires faith, trust and grounding in the present.

Especially as leaders, teachers and coaches in the wellness space, it is absolutely critical for your success to find balance in your own energy field and we do this primarily through building self-awareness, intention and rituals.

True balance requires the understanding of the principles of energies as we find in ancient wisdom, which restores harmony through leveraging opposing forces.

You must also deeply know your own needs and trust your intuition. Seek stability through simple grounding techniques and caring for your basic needs. Cultivate sacred space for stillness, reflection and asking for divine guidance.

Here are some quick & easy ways to balance excess air/vata and ground into earth energy:

  • Reflection: what do I need to feel grounded, stable and secure in my life (personally, professionally, emotionally)? Is there one step I can do right away to move towards filling any gaps in my needs? Then do it!
  • Ground yourself in the present moment anywhere, anytime by tuning into any of your 5 senses. Tell yourself "I AM safe and secure. I always have everything I need. I AM loved and divinely guided".
  • Get outside in nature, put your feet and hands in the earth, hug a tree etc. to connect with the healing frequency of nature.
  • Warm and comfort your body as you release deeply rooted tension with self-massage (or swap massages with your partner!) with herbal remedy oils - you could even try this oil specifically to balance the vata dosha. Connect to the feeling of nourishing and loving your own body and skin.
  • Listen to high-frequency music like this playlist to raise your vibration with shamanic ceremonial songs (called incaritas) and ancient mantras. 

  • Drink plenty of purified water and warm, nourishing, superfood beverages.

  • Eat warming, nourishing and grounding foods that are naturally in season with the harvest like squashes, root vegetables, beets, grains, cranberries, apples, etc. and spices of ginger, cinnamon, clove, cumin, cardamom and fennel. Avoid too many raw vegetables, salads and cold foods/beverages.

  • Meditate, pray, practice reiki and ask God/source/the archangels/your guides/whoever you call-on to help ground and protect you.

  • Love on your loved ones! REST & NEST.


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