Exploring the Earth Chakras, Sacred Sites and Ancient Wisdom

Exploring Earth Chakras & Vortices, the Ancient Power Grid, Megalithic Sites, Ley Lines and Sacred Ancestral Wisdom. We can use the  lessons and knowledge hidden in the concepts of the yogic chakra system and global earth chakra megalithic sites to cultivate optimal health, shift our minds and bodies to align with higher, finer frequencies and develop elevated states of awareness.

What are the earth chakras? 

For thousands of years people around the world have reported feeling called or pulled to visit specific sacred sites and locations for unknown reasons, by unknown forces. “I don’t know exactly why, but I know I am supposed to be here” is a common sort of phrase heard from those visiting, relocating to or establishing businesses in the surrounding communities.

Many people believe that a grid of earth energies circles the globe, connecting important and sacred sites such as Mount Kailash, Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids. Many of these monuments were designed using sacred geometry and constructed on physical locations meant for higher purposes. These sites are often recognized for their connections to ancient civilizations and hidden wisdom, common reports of UFO sightings, supernatural activity, spiritual significance, concentrations of religious groups, mysticism, unique geological make-up, prevalence of energetic vortices and generally strange or mysterious events taking place in the area.

When these historical monuments and megalithic sites are charted on a map, curious patterns are revealed (see images below) similar to the flower of life and other sacred geometric shapes, increasing their allure and possibly alluding to deeper meaning behind their creation and plotted locations. Were these monuments constructed by our ancestors and ancient cultures with wisdom of how to harness the earth’s own “power grid” of subtle energies and magnetic frequencies?

I believe the answer is a resounding YES.

What do you think? 


What are the ley lines?

When mapped-out, the invisible lines that connect these sacred sites and many major cities around the world are commonly called “Ley Lines” by the Western scientists, archaeologists, quantum physicists and mystics who have studies them. In China they are referred to as “Dragon Lines” and in South America “Spirit Lines”. The two main lines are also sometimes called the “Serpent Ley Lines” which represent divine feminine and masculine energies and intertwine to form an infinity symbol. These veins of subtle energy create the grid system that transmits frequencies throughout the entire planet — very similar to the energetic network and inner workings of our own human electromagnetic field, meridians and circulatory system.

'Ley lines are hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths.’

These geometric alignments are believed to also expand and connect to the planets, constellations and other notable galactic coordinates; creating a unified field of energetic layers that comprise the larger planetary body and universal consciousness like a massive interconnected web. This complex energy matrix encompasses the entire time-space continuum of multiple dimensions in addition to individual consciousness. Ancient civilizations were highly aware of this connective grid and had mastered the use of finer frequencies and subtle energy vibrations to super-charge their temples, their palaces and their own mind-body systems to achieve ultimate health, elevated states of being and higher levels of consciousness; we can too.

We have much to learn from this time-tested knowledge: we are all connected & we are all ONE!

The 7 Chakras

To fully understand the deeper meaning and energetic power behind the earth chakra sites, it is also important to understand the sacred knowledge around the principle chakra points in our human bodies as discussed in yogic philosophy. In this course we will take a deep dive into how the concepts of the chakras apply to the various layers of our physical, mental, emotional and energetic health, as well as those of the planet and all living beings.

There are 7 main chakras — also called meridians, energy centers and nadis — corresponding to locations of large nerve bundles and organs on the body from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra or energy wheel is associated with a different bundle of nerves, glands or organs, and other qualities of our physical, mental and emotional health.

Learning about these energy centers of the body can help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our overall health and wellbeing. Our bodies mirror the universe and are little worlds of their own, making up the person you see, feel, hear and touch. Our internal processes and systems are innately designed to keep us healthy and happy however, throughout our lives, we will regularly encounter trauma and toxins that will interrupt those processes and cause blockages. When one of these energy centers is blocked or out out of balance our emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic lives may feel disconnected or cause suffering. By learning how to bring yourself and your chakras back into balance you will lead a more fulfilling, peaceful, joyful and connected existence at all levels of being.


Earth Chakra Locations

The meridians in our physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies are mirrors of the meridians and ley lines that span across the planet earth, the greater universe and cosmic atmosphere.

Each of the 7 key chakra points are represented by a different physical location on the planet. They are:

Root Chakra — Mount Shasta, California USA. Associated with our foundational strength, stability and safety as well as the stress response.

Sacral Chakra — Lake Titicaca, on the Border of Bolivia & Peru. Associated with sexuality, emotional balance, self-respect and creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra — Uluru (Ayers Rock) & The Olgas, Australia. Associated with energy, purpose, confidence and a sense of inner power.

Heart Chakra — Glastonbury (Stonehenge) & Shaftesbury, England. Associated with love, compassion, giving and forgiving.

Throat Chakra — Great Pyramid, Sphinx & Mount of Olives, Egypt. Associated with communication, self-expression, seeking and speaking the truth.

Third Eye Chakra — No fixed location — Currently at Glastonbury - Shaftesbury, England. Associated with intuition, intelligence and deep spiritual connection.

Crown Chakra — Mount Kailas, Tibet. Associated with the highest levels of wisdom, understanding, divine guidance and cosmic consciousness.


#1 Root Chakra, Muladhara: Mount Shasta

Summiting 14,125 feet above sea level this dormant yet mighty volcano, located in the Northern California Cascade Range, has long been associated with mystics, mysteries and the metaphysical. Native American tribes as well as other spiritual groups believe it to be a holy and healing mountain, potentially the center of the universe and one of the first places created by God or “the Great Spirit”.

This chakra represents strength, stability, safety, the root of the earths energy and, together with this spectacular mountain, has many valuable lessons to teach us about how to build a steady foundation for ourselves while learning to let-go into complete trust that all is working in harmony.

#2 Sacral Chakra, Svadhishthana: Lake Titicaca

Expanding across the borders of Bolivia and Peru, this is the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable body of water in the world. Once home to the Incas, the lake is considered sacred and rumored to be the birthplace of some mythological royalty.

This chakra is associated with sexuality, emotional balance, self-respect and creativity. Lake Titicaca is said to be the womb of the planet and manifests both masculine and feminine energies, as it falls directly on the crossing of the male and female serpent/great dragon ley lines. This makes it perfectly representative of the sacral chakra and our own dynamic sexual and creative energies. We can use this knowledge to balance the sacred feminine and sacred masculine to discover true inner unity.

#3 Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura: Uluru & Kata Tjuta

Commonly known as the spiritual heart of Australia, the 600 million year-old sandstone formations of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and its dual World Heritage site, Kata Tjuta, are covered in sacred carvings and rock paintings telling stories of creation and past generations.

This chakra is associated with self-definition, purpose, personal power, as well as global health and vitality. Some believe these rock formations are physical evidence left behind when the Pleiadians seeded the planet however, the local Anangu believe the artifacts are confirmation of the existence of ancestral beings and the original creation. Through this chakra we can learn to re-energize the body and support the manifestation and creation powers of your consciousness. Become empowered as you co-create well-being and connect to your highest self in coherence with the laws of nature and of the universe.

#4 Heart Chakra, Anahata: Glastonbury & Shaftesbury

Another dual chakra, these two towns and their many surrounding notable monuments, including Stonehenge, are referenced in stories from across traditions; from the tales of King Arthur and Avalon to Alfred the Great, the rumored location of King Canute’s buried heart and the legends of Joseph of Arimathea after the resurrection of Jesus.

The heart meridian is associated with the qualities of love, compassion, giving and forgiving. This is where all of our healing takes place. Healing and empowering the heart allows us to shift into an upward trajectory of the finer frequencies and elevated states of consciousness associated with the higher chakras. See more below at the “Third Eye” chakra.

#5 Throat Chakra, Vishuddha: Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai & Mount of Olives

The Great Pyramids and other ancient Egyptian sites contain hieroglyphs and sacred records that demonstrate elevated understandings of our lunar cycles, celestial mechanics, cycles of time, the divine or sacred feminine and masculine energies and the goal of ultimate harmony. With ties to sacred geometry, astrology and deep knowledge of the energetic matrix, the Pyramids were also built in-alignment with the big dipper, the stars of Orion and summer/winter solstice. When connected with straight lines, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Mount Sinai (Egypt) and Mount of Olives (Jerusalem) form a perfect triangle.

One of my personal favorites, these sacred sites and the throat chakra center are all about harnessing the courage and power to seek and speak your truth. It is connected to our overall communication, self-expression and authenticity. Some consider the unrest in the middle east to represent the earth crying out for help. The myriad lessons hidden in this rich history and culture can teach us that the path to consciousness is through the balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

#6 Third Eye Chakra, Ajna, FLOATING LOCATION:

At the dawn of each Aeon (every 2160 year shift, connected to the equinoxes) this earth chakra moves its resting point to aid in the rise of the new age being born. The third eye earth chakra is currently located at the heart chakra, in Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, during the Age of Aquarius. Previously it was located at the solar plexus chakra, our power center, in Uluru and Kata Tjuta throughout the Piscean Age.

This chakra is associated with intuition, intelligence and deep spiritual connection. It’s interesting that it is currently located with the heart chakra and center of love, during a time of global chaos as well as collective healing. A shift from unmanaged power, ego and unbalanced masculine energy to the age of the heart, flowing with ease and grace and rise of the divine feminine to bring us back to global balance and harmony. A celestial reminder that we must first see and become aware in order to shift into the frequency of love and pure vibrations of the heart so we may heal and awaken the collective masses.

#7 Crown Chakra, Sahasrara: Mount Kailas

Deeply embedded in Asia’s mythical culture and soaring 6,638 meters high, this sacred “stairway to heaven” is one of the most revered peaks across the planet. This legendary mountain has a rich history woven with stories passed down through generations, mystical tales and lessons of interconnectedness and enlightenment.

Fittingly, this chakra is associated with knowledge, understanding and cosmic/universal consciousness. Ultimate oneness and connection to all that is. Even before the dawn of Hinduism, Jainism or Buddhism people have been making pilgrimages to this sacred site to release the grip of ego, ignorance, attachment and other pieces of their shadow selves to achieve ultimate liberation and rise into elevates states of consciousness.


Always remember: you are powerful!

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