Full Moon Manifestation Ritual and Money Attraction Spell


Happy full moon in Virgo! Where are my fellow virgo placements?!

This is one of my personal favorite manifestation rituals for anytime, especially around the full moon and new moon. It is excellent to use for aligning your energy with higher vibrations and attracting greater abundance, prosperity and money manifestations. 

It helps me…

πŸŒ• get clear on what I want to create in the cycle ahead

πŸ… feel empowered, motivated and confident as I move towards big goals

🌿 have fun & get playful with nature

πŸŒ€ feel connected to God and the best version of myself

πŸ’‹ turn-UP the magic in my life


What else is a ritual for, if not for that???

Amidst a world that would rather you be afraid and shrink yourself down… nature is the best way to stay grounded and connected to your own inner/higher power, to God, source + inspiration, new ideas, plus the courage and motivation to make them happen.


Make sure you watch the video all the way to the end for the full ritual! And let me know when you try it out, I would love to hear how you do it your way :)


Much love, Corene

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