Future Medicine Will Be the Medicine of Frequencies

I sure love me some Einstein! A man ahead of his time -- or an ancient soul who has lived and absorbed the wisdom of many lifetimes, probably both. He was a brilliant thought leader with an expansive body of work on the science of space, time, matter, energy and vibration, and many ideas we can learn from.

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The Ancient Wisdom of Frequencies:

Did you know we can use the time-tested knowledge of frequencies and electromagnetic impulses to improve our health, re-wire our brains, gain more control over our emotions, achieve more of our goals, create harmony in the mind and body and even up-level our DNA?⁣

These energetic relationships, the frequency/pulse of the earth and the solfeggio frequencies (music) have been used by ancient civilizations for 5000+ years — and are now finally being studied and recognized by modern science for the ability to create these positive changes in mind-body systems and to activate DNA.

In modern medicine, as Einstein predicted, the power of frequencies is harnessed through x-rays, CT scans, radiation therapy, X-ray machines, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and ultrasound, which have all become standard diagnostic methods everyone is familiar with today.



Everything in this world is made of energy:

Truly everything in this world is made of energy and has a resonance, or a vibrational frequency, and is also impacted by energy. Every living and non-living thing — from your own body to the foods you eat, a blade of grass or a plant, animals, music, thoughts, a piece of furniture, the stars. Each of us possess our own biomagnetic field which, like all energy, is not static and can be manipulated and guided into form. Energy is constantly moving throughout our physical bodies as well as our electromagnetic fields, vibrating at varying speeds and emitting diverse frequencies, which transmit messages and information.

With our five senses we are able to perceive a small fraction of the vibrations from the energetic makeup of all things, which we perceive as sound, color, smell, etc. The vibration or frequency of each unique being determines the sensitivity or level of perception and understanding they will be able to gather from “reading” the vibration or frequency of one another.


Even our thoughts and emotions have a frequency:

I came across some mind-expanding information about the various levels of consciousness/emotions and their correlating calibration during a training program I did in Spain on the ancient practices of Ayurveda and balancing mind-body energies. These correlations were taken from various studies completed by Phd's, researchers, scientists, doctors, authors and other widely known authorities within the fields of consciousness research, spirituality, the mind, science and mysticism.

Essentially a correlating "calibration" is identified for various emotional states. Beginning with the lowest levels of consciousness (lowest level vibration), here are a few of the examples:

  • Shame = a calibration of 20
  • Grief = 75
  • Fear = 100 
  • Desire = 125
  • Anger = 150
  • Courage = 200
  • Acceptance = 350
  • Love = 500
  • Joy = 540
  • Peace = 600

These lower level states of being are a perfectly natural part of being a human being, so don't judge yourself if you're experiencing them. Just remember it is difficult to heal from within the heaviness of those states, and that is exactly why we want to do our best to avoid nurturing any negative emotions like shame, fear & anger right now... ⁣and instead empower ourselves through connecting with the higher vibrations of courage, acceptance, love, joy and peace. Some of the best ways to do this are through connecting with your inner self, with God and with your loved ones. 

Love will always be stronger than fear!


The Healing Powers of Sound, the Solfeggio Frequencies:

Instead, we can use this ancient knowledge about the frequency of sound, among other energy healing techniques, to raise our vibratory frequencies at the cellular level and throughout our nervous system, which helps bring the body back into a natural state of health and harmony. The resonance of sound has a particularly strong impact. The movement of our brainwaves synchronizes with the sound vibrations, improving brain wave frequencies, creating a deep meditation experience, balancing our emotions and enhancing creative thinking.

Sound waves also stimulate our immune response, facilitate the release of stress, anxiety (even trauma), harmonize the body’s cells, balance the body’s energy systems, decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension and calm our emotions.

Sometimes when listening to certain frequencies or participating in other cleansing techniques you may experience discomfort, difficult emotions, physical pain or tension and even tears arising. If this happens to you, know it is normal and it is OK!  That just means it is working and you're release things you don't need to carry with you anymore. Take deep breaths and try your best to let go. Know that your experience is exactly what you need at the time. You may also experience feelings of calm, deep relaxation, peace, greater understanding and pure joy wash over you.


You can also search "solfeggio frequencies" in 417 HZ (which removes negative energy) and 528 Hz (the tone of LOVE, DNA repair & also the same frequency as the air ) in whatever music App you use, or you can use some of mine linked below! I recommend using a journal, notebook, or simply contemplate how you feel when you listen to the different frequencies. Binaural beats are another popular way to experience the benefits of sound healing.


And one last nugget of ancient wisdom for the day --> Here is a chart I created with a brief overview of the key solfeggio frequencies and their potential benefits, enjoy:

Above all, we must keep in mind what Dr. David Hawkins says in his study above on the levels of frequency, "Just 1 person calibrating at 300 HZ counterbalances 90,000 people below 200 HZ. And it goes up exponentially"

So YES we can make a difference. Always remember that you are so powerful and your thoughts are powerful!


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