Sage Smudging to Clear Negative Energy & Raise the Vibration of Your Home

When things are difficult in your life, these ancient rituals like sage smudging are not a magic wand to instantly clear away all your problems...
YOU are actually the key ingredient, you are the medicine. It is the power of your intentions in using these sacred cleansing herbs to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony that puts things in motion to create the needed change.
 What is sage smudging? The most powerful herbs and natural cleansing ingredients from around the world have been used by ancient and indigenous cultures for thousands of years for the purpose of clearing away negative energy, purifying surrounding space, cleansing the energy in your home and creating intentions for peace, positivity and prosperity.
At my online shop we have a collection of sacred sage smudges, holy grass and wood essences; including palo santo, witchy black sage and mugwort smudge sticks, dragons blood sage, white sage and eucalyptus (finally back in stock!), blue sage, wildflower floral sage, sweetgrass braids and other smudges. All of our sage smudges are organic, handmade, and sustainably sourced.
This beautiful practice is all about cultivating your own personal "Farmacy" --> habits, rituals and ceremonies that bring you back into balance and empowerment through intention, even when you get off track.
And your pets will love it too!
Wishing you all a high frequency week πŸŒ€βœ¨πŸŒŠ  
Send me an email if you have any other questions about how to incorporate this ancient practice into your personal rituals!  [email protected]

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