Subtle Energy Frequencies with Eric Thompson | Episode 15 The Frequency Shifters Show


The Frequency Shifters Show Episode 15

Join Corene Summers, founder of Artisan Farmacy and Reiki Master, and her cohost Alex Terranova, founder of DreamMason and Author of Fictional Authenticity, as they sit down with Eric Thompson.

Eric Thompson is the former co-founder of iAwake Technologies and has spent the last decade researching and developing subtle energy technology. After struggling with bipolar disorder his entire life, he experienced a breakthrough after adopting a daily meditation practice as well as the use of various spiritual technologies. This began a journey of researching and developing subtle energy technologies for healing and evolving consciousness. Over the course of the last decade, Eric has created more than 150 products powered by subtle energy, only half of which have been publicly released..

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On this episode we discuss:

-What is subtle energy

-Subtle energy, electricity & technology

-Creation of the unseen

-Human subjectivity in the objective world

-DNA shift

-Quantum entanglement



You can connect with Eric Thompson here:


Instagram: @subtle_energy


You can connect with Corene Summers here:


Instagram: @artisanfarmacy


You can connect with Alex Terranova here:


Instagram: @InspirationalAlex


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