Gorgeous Flowers That Will Beautify Your Home (& Bath!) This Winter

Winter brings holiday cheer, hot drinks, and maybe even snow. However, it is not the most colorful of seasons, leaving many people craving the bright colors of spring, summer, and fall. You may be looking for ways to bring this color back this winter. So as you begin decorating indoors for the approaching holiday season, consider arranging a unique bouquet.

Learn about gorgeous flowers that will beautify your home in the winter and enhance your home’s positive energy.

Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies are beautiful, long-lasting blooms that you’ll love. These flowers resemble Asiatic lilies, but Oriental lilies are slightly larger and produce fragrance.
Oriental lilies emit a strong aroma amongst their pink, purple, red, or white petals; they make a statement. A bloomed Oriental lily flower will look stunning in a bouquet paired with red roses, hydrangeas, and snapdragons.


Carnations are timeless flowers that come in a variety of colors: pink, red, scarlet, white, and yellow. They are the perfect pop of color when you need a gorgeous flower to beautify your home in the winter.

A bouquet of carnations will surely brighten up a room. Arrange a grouping of beautifully ruffled carnations in bold colors alone, or create a bouquet with greenery, baby’s breath, roses, and chrysanthemums.



Another lovely type of flower is the pansy. Pansies are garden flowers that are members of the viola family. You can learn to grow pansies at home, or you can find them at a local florist.

When placing a few pansies in a bouquet, you can also add flowers like marigolds and chrysanthemums to enhance their beauty.

Red Roses

How could one ever forget about red roses? They’re a gorgeous classic that suits any living space for any occasion. They’re also pet-friendly flowers that won’t get your beloved furry friends sick!

Roses pair beautifully with a bouquet of greenery, baby’s breath, white lilies, and pink carnations.


Dry Your Flowers & Add to Your Bath

I always hang my flowers upside-down to dry towards the end of their lifespan and then toss them in a delicious hot bath with some pink Himalayan salt and/or Epsom salt and essential oils. You could also use one of these delightful crystal-infused bath bombs with your died flowers for a steamy soak. Enjoy!

The holiday season offers you many decor opportunities, but the bright colors of spring can still feel amiss. To remedy this, a fresh bouquet of flowers is one of the best ways to give your home new life in the winter. 


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