Ancient Wisdom Video Workshop: The Innate Wisdom of the Heart


In this 20-minute video I discuss the innate wisdom of the heart, including:

  • How ancient cultures viewed the heart as more important & more powerful than the brain
  • Electromagnetic field of the heart (learn more about this on the Frequency Shifters Show podcast)
  • The energy of emotions
  • How to balance your heart chakra
  • And more!


I hope you enjoy this short ancient wisdom workshop and learn something new that can add some value to your life.

In the workshop I mention an image and study by Dr. David Hawkins, which he talks about in his book Power vs Force. Here is the image showing the levels of consciousness as a bit better reference.

Be sure to also check out the next blog post "Opening the Heart Portal & World Peace Meditation" for a corresponding meditation journey!

šŸ–¤ Corene




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