Unique Plants You Can Easily Keep Indoors

Caring for plants deepens our connection to our higher selves, ancestors, and Mother Earth. If you want to make the most out of this grounding practice, you should consider these unique plants you can easily keep indoors. What’s more, they provide more benefits than simply looking beautiful—they can heal you too. 

Fittonia albivenis

Fittonia albivenis, otherwise known as nerve plants, are a vibrant perennial species known for their deep evergreen leaves that contrast beautifully against vivid veins. While easy to care for, the nerve plant will clearly alert you when it needs hydration. As you learn to anticipate its needs, you will strengthen your intuition and develop your relationship with nature. Moreover, whenever you need time to realign yourself, you can meditate on its leaves, as the vibrant veins are reminiscent of the fractals in sacred geometry. 

Citrus x Meyeri 

Citrus x Meyeri, also known as the Meyer lemon, is one of the most wonderfully unique plants you can easily keep indoors, and they are very rewarding to grow. You may want to purchase a dwarf fruit tree, as it is the best option to keep your citrus comfortably in your home. Growing a lemon tree is an incredibly fulfilling experience since you will have a physical manifestation of your caretaking. This is always a great reminder that you reap what you sow; when you put high vibrational energy into the world, you can expect it to be returned. 

Laurus nobilis

Laurus nobilis is more commonly known as bay laurel and affectionately nicknamed “baby bay.” Baby bay is perfect for keeping indoors because it grows quickly and is compact to fit quite snugly on a windowsill. These dark green aromatic leaves serve a variety of purposes. They’re no stranger to the kitchen; adding a bay leaf to your rice, broth, or stew gives a lightness to your meal, producing notes of pine and peppercorn.    

Using home-grown ingredients authenticates your cooking process, as you truly know where your ingredients originate. Moreover, bay laurel has antibiotic properties and supports a healthy immune system—it is a great plant to start with if you find yourself interested in herbalism. What’s more, baby bay provides a fun way to set your intentions. Pick a bay leaf from your plant and scribe, or mindfully set your intentions on it. Place it under your pillow and sleep on it—you may then keep it nearby or dispose of it with grace. 


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