A Society Driven by Fear Will Destroy Us All: It Is Time to UNITE

If it’s not men verses women, then it’s black vs white or gay vs straight or Christian’s vs Muslims or rich vs poor or... insert countless other divisions of humanity here.

We see these repeated themes of fear and separation playing out over and over again in our politics, media and other societal arenas with the attention most often being drawn to what makes us all different and in opposition to one another.

Why don't we spend more time discussing potential solutions and highlighting what unites us under our sacred shared label of “worthy human being”?

We Must Unite Now or Divided We Will Fall

A society driven by fear and separation will always shift civilizations out-of-balance in power, wealth and resources, as we are experiencing now. This culture of separation and finger-pointing destroys self-worth and cultivates a ripe environment for an “us vs them” mentality, allowing bitterness and resentment to brew in all communities as they simultaneously feel attacked for simply being who they are. 

As resentment has grown between people and communities, our primal protection instincts have naturally been triggered to “fight for your life” (for your value and worth), pushing many to outward expressions of anger, rage, violence and chaos.

These aggressive responses further deplete faith in society and create more pain yet, ironically, they stem from the wounds of the deliverer's own unhealed trauma related to their self-worth.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Beware of this vicious cycle of trauma, fear and unworthiness that will eventually destroy EVERYONE.

The pandemic and surrounding global events triggered a ripple effect of people awakening and understanding the depth of our unhealed trauma as a country and as a world. It acted as a massive spotlight shining on the wounds of a broken society, begging to be healed and held and loved. 

Perhaps this has all been necessary to facilitate our transformation and for deep healing to occur across all cultures, generations and timelines.


You Live Your Entire Life In Fear.

But is that what you really want?

When participating in any type of holistic healing program that addresses a root cause, like Ayurvedic panchakarma or other holistic detox program, the first step is always a detox or purge to release built-up toxins (called "ama" meaning toxic sludge in Ayurveda). The This creates the space for healing, rebirth and . But it all has to come UP and be SEEN (accepted) first in order to come OUT and be released.

That is how we heal and rebuild, as individuals and a collective. 

It's all connected; if we want to heal these wounds of our world we have to be willing to first purge the wounds within ourselves and release what is keeping us trapped in those cycles of fear, always chasing or running, pushing or pulling.  

There is so much we can't control and it all feels so big and terrifying sometimes. 

It is time now to wake up from fear and honor the vibrant strength, courage, power, compassion, sovereignty and LOVE that exists within each and every one of us.

Our greatest shared purpose is to LOVE.

You Are Already Worthy.

We must each do our own inner work to learn how to put our fear, our anger, our judgments and our need to control or be “right” aside so we can take the leap of faith off of this spinning rat wheel.

Compassion, patience and forgiveness towards others are required to have the raw and vulnerable conversations that are necessary to reestablish our strength and stability. We must be willing to let our guards down and access our hearts to see people as “worthy human beings” instead of as “them” or “others”. 

As sovereign individuals we all have the power to access our hearts and step into the courage, strength and true loving nature that exists within every single one of us. We can learn how to be more aware (a teachable skill) of ourselves and others, which leads to uncovering our personal blocks and areas that need to heal. As this inner work is done, a certain softness opens up within you. 

We ALL Share the Same Core Desires.

That is one thing that unites us. At the end of the day, there is actually so much more that makes us the SAME than there is that makes us DIFFERENT. We ALL desire many of the exact same things in life, for example...

We ALL want to feel safe and secure.

We ALL want to feel worthy, accepted and valued for who we truly are and for our contributions. 

We ALL want to be treated with respect, loyalty, kindness, compassion, appreciation, a smile, affection. 

We ALL want to feel desired and romanced by our partners. 

We ALL want to laugh, play and experience the full joys of being ALIVE, 

We ALL want to be “right” and feel validated for our values and beliefs. 

We ALL want to be left the F alone by everybody else to make our own life choices for ourselves and our families in peace.

We ALL want to feel unconditionally loved.


In reality, there ie is no men verses women or black vs white or gay vs straight or Christian’s vs Muslims or rich vs poor.

There is only ALL, US, WE, ONE.  There are only “worthy human beings”. 

And as  worthy, sovereign human beings we ALL share the same power to impact change & transformation in our own families, workplaces, communities, the world. Whether the impact you create is LOVE & HEART-driven or FEAR & SEPARATION-driven is your choice to make and yours only.

I am definitely choosing that LOVE TRAIN, BABY!!! What about you?

Chooo chooo, ALL are welcome aboard this train...


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