Women in Business Mag: Corene's Journey From Healing Lyme Disease to Entrepreneurship Guided by Ancient Wisdom

Originally Published in Women in Business Mag


The most significant challenges we experience in life are often our greatest teachers. Corene Summers’ decade-long search for answers and an accurate diagnosis of her severe health symptoms led her down a path to heal others and ultimately put 90% of her Lyme disease symptoms in remission. Corene founded her company Artisan Farmacy, upon the pillars of her healing- living a high-frequency lifestyle, getting back to our ancient roots, aligning with the wisdom of the natural world, alchemy, and the elements. Her complete line of herbal remedies and wellness programs has helped change the lives of others suffering from autoimmune disease, anxiety, and burnout- bringing them once again into harmony with body, mind, and spirit.


In 2010, A hike in the Shenandoah mountains forever changed the trajectory of Corene’s life. When she discovered a tick attached on her skin and a rash indicative of Lyme disease, it soon became apparent she was embarking down a long road through the unknown. An ordinarily healthy and vibrant young woman, she was eager to solve these issues to get back to her natural state of being. Instead, the list of symptoms kept growing and despite being treated by a plethora of general practitioners and specialists she found herself in a dead end. Fortunately for Corene, for as many closed doors Western Medicine presented, a multitude of open doors were discovered in Ayurvedic and Eastern Medicine. She followed the intuitive nudge to take the solo trip of a lifetime in 2011, backpacking through India, Nepal, Tibet, and Sri Lanka. 


Still in the mild, early stages of her sickness, she was able to immerse herself in studying Ayurveda and meditation while also volunteering at an orphanage. Upon returning to the U.S., she found that the transformed version of herself could no longer fit into the mold she left behind. Her career in finance, which she had prospered in for most of her life, no longer aligned with her newfound purpose discovered amidst her kismet trip. Corene reflects on this transitional period as an opportunity for a new direction, saying, “The shift came along with my simultaneous journey to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher and using ancient wisdom to heal myself as I continued with treatment in western medicine.” She continues, “I felt awful every time I left the doctor, then I would go from there to Reiki and meditation training, sound bowl healings, and sessions with my Shaman…and I felt supported in the way they held and carried me on my journey to healing. It was incredible.”


This process of deciphering her body’s symptoms and following internal guidance to the next experience that would show her how to heal became Corene’s way of life naturally. In 2018, she received a definite diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease. Though not given a positive outlook by doctors, she knew better than to settle for their opinions regarding her quality of life in the future. She forged ahead, exploring further the power of plant medicine and holistic healing. Corene learned, “the frequency of the things you surround yourself with; meditation, Chakra balancing and other energy healing techniques, products based in natural elements and using fresh foods and herbs straight from the earth are key to creating the optimal environment for healing to occur, then the body can truly heal with the aid of Western medicine.” Throughout the changes she made, Corene found that implementing a clean diet of toxin-free food, water, environment, and skincare was one of the most impactful elements to improving her health. However, sourcing products without toxins was the most challenging thing she encountered. Through this experience, Corene realized that she could provide an invaluable service to the world, teaching humankind a better way of self-care. 



Artisan Farmacy was born of Corene Summers’ burning desire to help others find healing through toxin-free products and techniques that utilize the innate wisdom found in nature. Her product line comes from the knowledge gleaned from her travels, studies and insights she discovered while treated by masters of Ayurveda and eastern medicine. During one exceptional return to India, Corene completed a Panchakarma detox program, 21 days of cleansing the body, mind and consciousness. Key to this process are Ayurvedic nasal drops and daily massages using specially formulated oils to help stimulate various parts of the body to absorb through the skin and purge impurities. The use of these oils had such a beneficial effect on her well-being and in treating the symptoms of Lyme that Corene felt compelled to bring these formulations home to help with her clients. She has now made a wide variety of these healing body massage rituals available on Artisanfarmacy.com, which features her trifecta of body oils for balancing each of the three doshas.The Pitta-Balancing Massage Oil that caters to those suffering with physical and mental burnout, the Kapha-Balancing Massage Oil for treating sluggishness, when feeling uninspired and unmotivated, and the Vata-Balancing Massage Oil aids the body in easing tension and calming scattered, stressed, anxious energy. The nasal drops she experienced in India during her Panchakarma detox are also represented here, in the Nasya Oil Ayurvedic Remedy. This vital sinus oil may come with a multitude of benefits including calming the mind, treating allergies and congestion, decalcifying the pineal gland and third eye chakra, improving sleep, stabilizing moods and promoting a higher level of consciousness. These herbal oil remedies have been used effectively by ancient civilizations for over 5000 years, with modern-day support from the fields of science and psychology.


Corene Summer’s Artisan Farmacy is thrilled to provide you with high-frequency, conscious products and wellness programs that you can trust to be toxin-free, holistic & honor the innate wisdom of the mind and body. For support on your unique healing & awakening journeyvisit Artisanfarmacy.com to book an introductory call with Corene and shop her complete line of natural products.


Originally Published in Women in Business Mag


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