Great Ways to Clean Your Home’s Energy and Raise Your Vibrations

Living in your home should make you feel happy, positive, and safe. One way to improve these feelings is to raise vibrations in your home to make it a better place to live, sleep, and spend your free time. Once you learn how to raise these vibrations, you’ll clear your home of negative energy while making room for new, positive energy to enter. This transforms your home into a safe oasis where you feel content. Here are some simple ways to shift your thoughts, your focus, and your surroundings to raise these vibrations to a higher level for optimum happiness at home.

What are Energy and Vibrations?

Every human being is a living, breathing field of energy. Your body is made of particles that are in constant motion as they “vibrate” and create energy—this is referred to as your vibrational field. These energy fields aren’t just physical. They’re also spiritual and help determine how you perceive the world and how others see you. When your vibrations are positive and high, your entire being exudes a happy, healthy glow that others can feel, even if they can’t see it. By raising these vibrations in your home, you’ll experience a positive environment that fosters happiness and love.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Energy and Vibration?

When you clean your energy, you automatically raise your internal vibration to a higher level. As these levels rise, you’ll begin to feel lighter, happier, and more at peace. Doing just a few simple things can help keep your vibration levels higher and more positive—and the same applies when you make these changes to the environment around you. A higher vibration exudes happiness and is good for your health and well-being. Cleansing yourself and your environment of negativity and negative energy will help you feel at ease. The higher your vibration, the lower your stress levels, too.

The Best Ways to Clean Your Home’s Energy

Here are some easy, effective ways to clean the energy in your home to make way for higher and better vibes throughout your space.

Burn Incense and Herbs. Burning some incense and a few herbs will elevate the vibes in your space. Try a smudge stick made of sage or cedar, and use it to bless your home and remove any negative energy that might still be lurking there. Regular burning of incense helps promote a calm, happy mood.

Declutter. Removing excess clutter can make way for a fresh new start. Remove the things in your home that no longer serve you, and you’ll immediately feel lighter. By doing some simple decluttering, you’ll experience lower levels of stress, which can improve your focus and your ability to see things in a new way.

Let Fresh Air and Natural Light In. Even if you don’t live near nature, letting some fresh air inside will clean the home’s energy. Natural light filtering in through the windows will immediately help your mind feel clear and more positive. Make it a practice to let fresh air and natural light inside your home every day (weather permitting, of course). You’ll begin to notice the differences almost immediately.

Light Up Candles. Light some scented candles throughout your home to create a calming vibe. Candles are an easy way to help you feel relaxed and the flickering light will promote a peaceful aura. Choose soothing fragrances like lavender or verbena, or simply light a few unscented candles throughout your home and enjoy the soft, warm glow. You can take advantage and practice candle light meditation, which consists of candle gazing, where you just need to focus all your attention on the flame of the candle, this will bring energy to your third eye, help you increase concentration and improve your memory.

Have All 5 Elements at Home. In the practice of Feng Shui, five essential elements work in synergy to create a balanced, harmonious space. Incorporate all five of these elements into your home to bring things into balance. The five elements are earth, fire, water, wood, and metal. You can include all five in your decor using creative methods, such as bringing in a small fountain for water or burning Palo Santo for fire and wood. A metal gong or small metal statue is an easy way to bring this element into your space.

Plants and Fresh Flowers. Surround yourself with beautiful greenery and flowers, and you’ll feel your vibrations rise almost immediately. Add potted houseplants in various areas throughout the home, and enjoy the color and soft fragrance of a freshly cut floral bouquet. Being around natural elements will clean the home energy and raise your vibe.

Tips to Raise Your Home Vibration

As you clean your home’s energy, take positive steps to start raising the vibration with these easy tips.

Listen to High Vibe Music. Listening to positive, high vibe music will help to elevate your mindset. Dance, and remember to take joy in the simple things like playing some healing frequencies with 432 Hz tones during your meditation sessions, to raise your vibes and bring in positive energy. This is a fun way to clean a home’s energy while making room for a higher, happier vibration.

Himalayan Salt Lamps. Add a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp to your bathroom, home office, or kitchen. The salt purifies the air while it absorbs negative energy, and it also looks beautiful as a piece of organic décor.

Diffuse Essential Oils. Purchase an essential oil diffuser, and use it often to help create a calming space. Look for relaxing oils like lemon, lavender, and ylang-ylang, which can help lower blood pressure. The scent from the oils will emanate throughout your home, creating a calm and happy place that eases your mind. This will also set the perfect mood and ambience for your meditation sessions to help you stay calmed and focused on the practice.

Quartz Crystals and Drusen. Crystals have healing powers, and they’re known to provide protection while encouraging high vibrations. Use your quartz crystals for a mediation session, since it is believed that using them while you meditate can increase your focus and deepen your awareness and consciousness of your higher self. Add some beautiful quartz crystals to a shelf, or create a space where you can gather some of your favorite calming elements. Drusen is another stone that comes from agate and features a rainbow of brilliant colors. Having these stones on display or within reach will help you create a more positive environment.

Get a Singing Bowl. Buddhist monks in Tibet have used singing bowls for centuries. This amazing instrument is known to help to achieve a powerful and reflective state of mind if played while you meditate, since it will help to improve focus and relax your body with its healing properties and soothing sounds. Buy a singing bowl, and practice with it daily during your meditation sessions, and take in the soft, calming sounds it creates. These unique instruments are made of a metal bowl and a small wood stick to create a variety of soothing sounds.

Great Ways to Clean Your Own Energy and Raise Your Vibrations

Now that you know how to clean your home’s energy and raise the vibrations, here are a few excellent ways you can do the same thing for yourself.

Create a Relaxing Space. Design your home in a way that makes it feel relaxing and calm. If you live with others, find a designated area where you can create a meditation room, where you are away from noise or being disturbed while you do your meditation practice. Having a relaxing space at home gives you a safe haven and a place to escape the many stresses of the world.

Meditate. Practicing daily meditation can clear the mind of negative thoughts and energy. Look for a meditation routine that works for you, and try to do it as often as possible. You’ll soon master the art of meditation, which will help you feel calmer and more balanced no matter what comes your way.

Practice Yoga and Mindfulness. Yoga is not only good for your body, but it’s also good for your mind. Start a yoga routine that helps you become flexible and strong. In addition to yoga, make sure that you practice mindfulness. This practice involves being more aware of yourself, the world around you, and others. The two work together to help you gain a new perspective while elevating your vibration higher.

Cut Down Electronics Time. Ditch the nightly news and say goodbye to social media—at least for most of your day. The more you cut back on screen time, the clearer your mind will become. Reducing screen time is also better for your eyes and can help you sleep more peacefully, too.

Eat Healthy and High-Vibe Foods. Start eating a healthier diet to raise your vibrations. Choose organic fruits and vegetables, and try to focus on high vibe foods that will give you clean energy; avoid low vibrational foods such as meat, highly processed and deep fried foods.

Dance. The simple act of dancing can instantly elevate your mood. Enjoy an afternoon or evening of dancing around your home to relieve stress, laugh, and smile. This is a fun way to help you feel happier while getting a little bit of exercise in the process.

Take an Epsom Salts Bath. Epsom salts can relax your muscles and help you unwind. Enjoy taking a warm Epsom salt bath occasionally to soothe sore muscles and help you feel calmer for the day ahead.

Practice Gratitude. One of the best ways to raise your vibrations is by practicing gratitude. Start a daily gratitude journal and write down at least one thing each day that you’re thankful for. Having an attitude of gratitude is a highly effective way to change your perspective and help you see the positive in all things.

Do Everything with Love. Everything that you do should have loving intentions. When you begin to do everything with love, you’ll notice the positive effects it has on the people around you. This attitude and action will start to spread, which in turn raises the vibrations of others.

Practice Forgiveness. Learning how to practice forgiveness when you’ve been hurt is an extremely cathartic feeling. If you’ve been wronged, do your best to forgive the person, or else the negative thoughts and feelings can lower your vibration and bring you down to a negative place.

Reduce Alcohol Intake and Toxins Consumption. An occasional beer or glass of wine is fine, but overall, you should try to limit your alcohol intake. Do a herbal detox, start drinking freshly squeezed juices, or simply reduce the amount of alcohol and other toxins you consume.

Surround Yourself with Nature and Beauty. When you surround yourself with beautiful things and nature, you’ll feel immensely more positive and much happier. Do this often, and you will begin to notice how much better you’re able to handle stress. Spending time in nature can lift your mindset, lower your stress, and may even help strengthen your immune system.

When you clean your home energy and make way for positive vibes, your entire life will start to change. Use these tips to help you raise the vibrations of your home as well as of yourself. With some simple changes in mindset and your environment, your vibration will get higher and higher every single day so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life.

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