Vinyasa Yoga Flow to Balance Your Chakras


This yoga practice is meant to help raise your vibration, and clear out any stress or other negative energies and leave you feeling peaceful. This class is all about chakra balancing through yoga. The chakras are the 7 key areas/energy centers in the body starting at the base of the spin and moving all the way up to the top of the head. These chakra house nerves, organs and veins but they are paralleled to our emotional and mental health.

Today's practice will be using yoga starting at the bottom of our body and moving up to the crown to balance our key energy areas.

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Try practicing self-love after your yoga practice by giving yourself a face/neck massage with either a Gut Sha or Jade Roller followed by an amazing rose toner.

To learn more you may also want to check out our Chakra workshop video here:


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